Who’s Paying The Most For Scrap?

Do you want to eliminate a scrap mound that is taking up valuable space around you? Earn a significant amount of money by selling unwanted items. In the following section of the article, we will discuss the highest-paying scrap metal items.

Finding the Highest Paying Scrap Buyers

Consider the following key factors to find the highest-paying junk buyer.

Local Scrap Yards:

It is convenient for selling junk or unwanted metals. Local junkyards often accept a wide range of items at a good price. Before visiting any nearby yard, it is essential to ensure the store’s reviews, reputation, and customer satisfaction.

Online Scrap Marketplaces:

In today’s digital world, online platforms are considered the easiest option for selling scrap. These online platforms offer a chance to connect sellers and buyers worldwide. You can get a higher price for your junk material by exploring and market research.

Specialized Buyers:

The value of all waste items is different, and some are more valuable than others. For example, some buyers specialize in certain types of trash. You should find specialized buyers because they have in-depth product knowledge and offer higher prices.


If you want a higher price for your material, bargain with the seller. Be confident, and there is no need to be afraid of negotiating.

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What Is the Highest Paying Scrap Metal?

Who's Paying The Most For Scrap


This year aluminum is the most profitable scrap item because it is versatile. Aluminum is used in many things, such as window frames, food cans, cars, soda cans, doors, siding, door gutters, etc.

Who's Paying The Most For Scrap


Copper is the most demanding and valuable item in the scrap yard. It has been used in different industries, such as wires, fixtures, kitchen sinks, pipes, etc.

Who's Paying The Most For Scrap


Brass is less used in the home compared to the other items. However, you can find it in many products, such as candlesticks, bed springs, trophies, door locks, and hinges.  

Who's Paying The Most For Scrap

Platinum Jewelry:

It is a valuable junk item because it doesn’t tarnish. It is found in necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Platinum is not only used in jewelry but also in cigarette cases, automotive converters, barware, laboratory equipment, and medical testing devices.

Who's Paying The Most For Scrap?

Used Appliances

Save large appliances as scrap because they have great demand. You can earn a few more dollars by selling stoves, dryers, fridges, and washers.

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Scrap Metals Paying Over $3 a Pound

Metal NameAverage Price ($)
CPU Processor Chips3 to 30/lb
Ferro Molybdenum8/lb
9ct Gold Scrap 450/lb
Computer Memory Chips3-$7/lb
Tantalum15 to 30/lb
18ct Gold Scrap900/lb
Silver12 to 15/lb
Carbide3 to 5/lb
14ct Gold Scrap700/lb
22ct Gold Scrap1000+/lb
Pure Tin8/lb

Scrap Metals Worth Over $2 Per Pound

Metal NameAverage Price ($)
Bare Bright Wire2 to 3/lb
Nickel2 to 3/lb
Cell Phones Without Battery2 to 3/lb
PC Motherboards2 to 2.50/lb
Copper2 to 3/lb
Inconel1 to 3/lb
Insulated Wire2 to 2.30/lb
Tin Solder 2 to 4/lb
Transformer Winding2

Scrap Metals Worth Over $1 Per Pound

Metal NameAverage Price ($)
Copper Wire1 to 1.50/lb
Stainless Steel1 to 1.80/lb
Lithium Ion Battery1.50/lb
Brass1 to 2

How To Find a Scrap Metal Yard Near Me?

  • Google Search
  • YellowPages.com
  • iScrap App
  • Online Directories


Q. Why are scrap metals valuable?

They are valuable because many industries melt old materials and reproduce different products.

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