35 Weird Ways To Make Money As A Girl In 2024

As a girl, are you interested in bringing more cash without working? Apart from focusing on traditional income streams, I discovered creative, weird, and genius ways to earn extra money. According to Zapier’s data, approximately 40% of Americans have a side hustle to get financial stability.

Consider the following odd job options to earn extra cash to pad your wallet. All the ideas are unique and exciting that you have not heard before.

Weird Ways For Females to Make Money Online

Sell your Used Toilet Roll Tubes:

The old toilet roll tubes help make extra cash. It is possible to earn by holding it, and many people list toilet rolls on eBay to get more sales.

Weird Ways To Make Money As A Girl

Sell your Panties:

Generating revenue by selling old underwear and other stuff is a good side hustle.  Sell your boxers and knickers on different online platforms for cash. PantyDeal.com is a well-known and legit website to start this side hustle if you prefer to avoid setting up on Instagram.

Get paid to Buy Booze:

This passive income source is only suitable for those over 18. Visiting betting shops, supermarkets, bars, and other places is essential to determine whether you are challenged to purchase restricted items.

Sell Feet Pics:

Making money by selling your feet photos is legal and the easiest way. The per-picture price is around $5 to $20. Many websites are available online, but the most legitimate platform to start this business is FeetFinder.

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Weird Ways To Make Money As A female

Taste Test Some Treats:

This side hustle is suitable for those who love to eat. Many research companies asked focus groups and food testers to give feedback after eating certain foods. The per-hour price is around $17. To give your opinion on whether it is good or bad.

Answering Questions:

Completing surveys is an easy passive income source. They pay around $ 1 to $5 for each survey. Survey Junkie is the most legit platform to get paid by answering questions even while watching TV.

Weird Ways To Make Money As A woman

Be A Pal:

Get paid by selling your precious time to communicate or attend events with someone looking for a partner. This job is suitable for those who are a fairly outgoing person. The per-hour price to be a pal is around $10 to $50.

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Sell Your Photos:

It is a demanding job to earn extra cash by selling stock photos online. Many small business owners, publishers, bloggers, and designers buy stock photos for blogs, websites, brochures, and other projects.

Where to sell your photos?

  1. iStockPhoto
  2. Shutterstock
  3. 123RF
  4. Adobe Stock

Become A Mukbanger:

This income source started in South Korea, but in the last decade, it has become popular across the globe. A mukbanger eats a large quantity of food while eating a show for an audience. If you love to eat food, you can make it a side hustle and earn a handsome income within a few hours.

Mukbangs became wealthy in the following ways.

  • Advertising
  • Brand deals
  • Affiliate marketing

Flip Items:

Flipping unused household items is an effective way to generate cash. You can sell the following things.

  1. Used electronics
  2. Footwear
  3. Handbags
  4. Clothes
  5. Accessories
  6. Home goods
  7. Toys

Product Testing:

Before launching any new product, many small or large enterprises get feedback about their product online. They paid well to test their products. You can also join them to share your opinion and raise passive income.

Join the following companies for product testing;

  • National Consumer Panel
  • American Consumer Opinion
  • Pinecone Research
  • JJ Friends & Neighbors

Virtual Babysitter:

It is an excellent way to become wealthy online if you love to spend time with children. An online babysitter digitally entertains kids for extra cash. Virtual Babysitters Club is a well-known platform that connects professional babysitters with parents. Work with a company for the following things.

  1. Game show hosts
  2. Dancers
  3. Artists
  4. Musicians
  5. Puppeteers

Virtual Bridesmaid:

A virtual bridesmaid is a unique idea to earn cash online. They virtually join the weddings and charge over for the following things.

  • Bridesmaid dress
  • Time to plan and attend wedding events
  • Hair and makeup
Weird Ways To Make Money As A lady


Gamers can earn by playing video games on a computer or with a console. Raise cash through the following ways.

  1. YouTube vlogging
  2. Brand deals
  3. Twitch

Weird Ways To Make Money As A Girl

Sell Digital Templates on Etsy:

You can sell the following digital templates on Etsy for passive income.

  • Ebook templates
  • Email banners
  • Printable stickers
  • Pitch decks
  • Printable wall art
  • Social media posts
  • Greeting cards
  • Labels

Other Easy Passive Income Ideas

  1. Blogging
  2. Selling Online
  3. Testing food quality
  4. Tutor Online
  5. Wait Around
  6. Buy and Sell bitcoins
  7. Become a sperm donor
  8. Freelance Writing
  9. Cuddle Professionally
  10. Cash In On Your Life Stories
  11. Sell Content Books on Amazon
  12. Beekeeping
  13. Get Paid to Read Books Aloud
  14. Join Clinical Research
  15. Claim Lost Mail
  16. Rent Your Free Space
  17. Sell Your Hair
  18. Lose Weight
  19. Fiverr Freelancing

Benefits of Weird Ways to Make Money

  • Repay debt
  • Structure time intentionally
  • Follow your passion
  • Boost retirement savings
  • Accomplish a financial goal
  • Achieve financial stability
  • Grow professionally


Q. Where can I sell weird things?

  • The most legit platforms to sell your odd things, such as clothes, keychains, eccentric jewelry, or other items, are as follows.
  • Ecwid
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Etsy
  • eBay

How much money can I make from these weird ways to make money?

Determining the most accurate figure is problematic because it all depends on your gig and the time you invest.

Are any of these weird ways to make money illegal?

No, all the ideas mentioned above are legitimate.

How can I make money immediately?

  • Consider the following job options to make money immediately.
  • Freelancer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Freelance writing

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