45 Best Frugal Living Tips To Save A Ton Of Money In 2024

Do you want to learn frugally tips to make your financial position strong? Adopting frugal tips is relatively easy because it includes simple everyday things you can do daily. It develops healthy money habits to avoid bankruptcy and become more financially fit.

Let’s start;

When it comes to frugality, the term is often perceived as unfavorable. However, the reality is the opposite in this case. The most significant advantage of being frugal is that you can significantly improve your financial condition by changing your spending habits.

As long as you are frugal, you don’t have to sacrifice all your favorite things to live economically. We aim to provide the most helpful frugal tips to save money on groceries, utilities, transportation, and housing. The tips help keep your budget on track and make your life more enjoyable.

frugal living tips

Benefits of Frugal Living

Choosing to live frugally has many advantages. Here we listed the best benefits of frugal living.

  • Save enough money to quit hateful jobs and pursue other interests.
  • Often travel the world without worrying about taking time off from work.
  • Students can pay for their schooling without having to sustain debt.
  • A person should save enough to start their own business.
  • Get rid of debt so that you won’t rely on credit cards.
  • Investing in real estate is a smart way to earn more.
  • Become a volunteer and offer help to those around you.
  • No need to worry about money
  • For large purchases, pay in cash
  • Donate more money to your favorite charities
  • Have more money for emergency savings
  • Focus on faith, friends, and family instead of money.
  • Save some dollars in a retirement fund.
frugal living tips

How Does Frugal Living Work?

Many factors contribute to living a frugal life. Make sure your money and spending are as intentional as possible. You need to live on a budget and not spend too much on things you do not need.

On the other hand, being on a budget does not mean you cannot afford expensive brands of clothing or food. Spend more money on the things you are most passionate about.

How to Start Living a Frugal Lifestyle

Following all the strategies and savings hacks is difficult at the start of a journey, so you should try different frugal tips and see their results.

It would be best to experiment with some strategies to get good results and create a balance that works best for you. For example, try a strategy, and if it works best for you, then add it up. If you don’t like it, ignore it and choose another.

You will undoubtedly experience a unique, frugal life journey based on your circumstances. It is not wise to spend money on things you do not need.

When buying something, you need to determine whether it is worth the investment. Pay close attention to your unnecessary expenditures to live a frugal lifestyle and find ways to reduce them.

frugal living tips

Frugal vs. Cheap

Many people think being cheap and being frugal is the same term, but there is a lot of difference. Being frugal means reducing financial waste, while being cheap means saving money. To learn more about frugal vs. cheap, check out this fantastic post.

Best Frugal Living Tips

We have compiled a list of the best frugal tips to save hundreds of dollars in 2024.

Buy Used Items:

frugal living tips

Save a large amount of money by buying lightly used items. Find your desired items at online marketplaces, consignment stores, and local thrift stores. You should consider used items when you need clothing, household goods, school supplies, or even a car.

Make a habit of purchasing second-hand items. It saves as much money as possible without making any sacrifices. Compared to used products, brand-new items are often much more expensive. If you find great deals on used items, compromise on quality.

For instance, if you want to buy a new pair of shoes, your priority should be your local consignment store or thrift shop. For a fraction of the cost of well-known brands, inexpensive alternatives are a good option.

Cook Meal in Bulk:

frugal living tips for juniors

It is impossible to cook dinner daily after a hectic day at work. While eating fast food most of the time makes you fat and hurts your budget. Cook a meal on the weekend night and store it in the freezer in desired portions.

Cooking in bulk saves your time in the kitchen and completely changes your dinner routine. During the week, you only need to take the frozen meal from the freezer and use it whenever you want after heating up. Using these meals for yourself and your family is relatively easy.

Learn How to Bargain:

frugal living tips for one person

Negotiating the goods or services prices with the seller is known as bargaining or haggling. However, there are some appropriate and inappropriate times for bargaining down a price. During appropriate times, feel free to negotiate the price of an item.

Bartering can also include executing trades and exchanges to obtain your desired item. If you have a garden and looking for a babysitter for one night. You can get the services by exchanging fresh fruits or other goods.

The exchange of goods, services, and talents has historically occurred between professionals. If you have any skill or talent, you can use it during barter and trade with other professionals. You will also be able to build a professional network of your trading.

Money-Saving on Entertainment:

frugal living tips

Many state parks and museums offer free days to encourage visitors. To fully take advantage, visit during certain times of the year.

Instead of going out, organize a game night with family. For people’s enjoyment, some libraries offer video and board games. You can take them out without buying to experience something new.

A large selection of books, movies, magazines, and DVDs are available at the local library.

Get free rewards for using your credit card to buy airplane tickets, hotel stays, and other items.

Quit Bad Habits:

frugal living tips

Bad habits damage the budget and health of each individual. Quitting smoking, gambling, drinking, junk food, vaping, and other bad habits is essential.

Much of your budget may go toward cigarettes, alcohol, and fancy coffees that contribute less to your health than your wallet. If you want to improve your health and finances every month, you need to cut down on or eliminate these bad habits.

Find a Side Hustle:

frugal living tips

Many people earn an additional income using their skill set or a hobby they enjoy. You can write articles for blogs, newspapers, or other media outlets with excellent writing skills.

If you’re crafty or have some artistic abilities, Etsy can be one of the best places to sell what you’ve made. Turning a hobby into a money-maker is an excellent approach. There are some other ways to make extra money.

Spend Less on Cleaning Products:

frugal living tips

The cleaning household product industry is a billion-dollar market. The company uses clever marketing techniques to attract customers.

For example, they told us we need different concentrations for different cleaning jobs, different scents for different rooms, and different products for different surfaces. However, all the cleaning products are used in small quantities, and we can get good results without using them.

Additionally, if you are looking for an economical way to clean your washing machine, baking soda is a great alternative to bleach. It prevents limescale build-up and is an excellent alternative to tablets.

Clean your windows using a solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle containing one-part vinegar and the other water. As a result, you can avoid using harsh chemicals in your cleaning process. Newspaper can also be used to clean windows.

Rent your Home or Room:

frugal living tips

If you have a big house, you can rent it down to a trusted person. Rent up your one-room or half of the house and make money. You can even rent out your garage for vehicles.

Start a Garden:

easy frugal living tips

Save a few bucks by becoming a farmer. Growing your own food is healthier and more cost-effective. Use a porch or balcony to grow fresh vegetables and fruits in containers. Growing your own food is much cheaper than buying food from a supermarket. It is also an excellent way to save money by growing your food from seeds instead of purchasing plants from a nursery.

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Install LED Bulbs:

frugal living tips for 2023

In 2014, the United States government stopped importing and producing incandescent bulbs. But they are still available in the market. You need to consider LED bulbs if you are still using old-fashioned lightbulbs.

Though energy-efficient light bulbs may seem more expensive initially, they have a long life, use less energy, and reduce electric bills. A CFL or LED bulb is equal to an incandescent bulb when it comes to the extent of its energy efficiency. They will last considerably longer than regular bulbs.

Sell Your Stuff:

The less stuff you have, the less time you spend tidying and cleaning your house. As a result, you will have more time to do things you enjoy. Earn additional income by selling unused or unwanted stuff.

Consider nearby scrap yards, consignment stores, and junk yards to sell your items. Use your earnings to go on vacation, pay off debt, or save for unexpected expenses.

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Use Medicine Discounts:

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A healthy person may face any minor disease as a part of a human. Many people have different infections and allergies, and doctors prescribe permanent medication. These days, every single item is on fire, and medication is one of them.

Save money by using apps and websites that offer special discounts and coupons. Many apps offer 50% to 60% discounts on medication. Use them to get medicine at the lowest rates and save enough money.

Take Military Showers:

frugal living tips for womens

Take a military shower to save money on electricity and water. Use the following method to take a military shower.

  • Firstly, turn the water on.
  • Secondly, get wet.
  • Thirdly, turn the water off.
  • Fourthly, lather up.
  • Fifthly, turn the water back on.
  • Lastly, rinse off quickly.

Use Less Water:

frugal living tips

Turn off the water when scrubbing dishes, brushing your teeth, and washing your hands. Using less water, save up to 200-500 gallons of hot water monthly. After making it a habit, you could save on your monthly utility bills.

Dry your Razor:

Each time after using the razor, properly dry it and store it in a dry place to prolong the razor’s life. No need to buy it after each time.

Learning New Skills:

frugal living tips

Instead of buying new products every time, you might create your own or repurpose your existing ones. Browse YouTube or Pinterest to find solutions to minor problems and try to fix them yourself. You can also use the listed platforms to learn something new because they have many courses, videos, and quality services. Including;

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Free online webinars
  • GCF Learn Free
  • Skillshare
  • Udacity

Get Rid of Food Waste:

frugal living tips

Pay attention to the food expiration dates and the labels on the packaging you buy. Choosing to discard food before it has expired can cause your grocery bill to increase by an unnecessary amount. Many perishables can be eaten after the product’s expiration date as long as they are stored correctly.

Turn Off the TV:

It is easy to save money by turning off the television during background noise or annoying commercials. It will reduce your electricity bill.

Use Up Leftovers:

According to a recent report, 40% of US citizens waste food supplies yearly. The most wasted food item is vegetables. You need to store all the leftovers in a freezer and use it next time.

Find Free Fun Things:

frugal living tips

Consider free activities to enjoy the fun and make your time valuable. Many options are available to have some fun. It does not matter what your hobbies or personal interests are.

  • Taking a walk or riding your bike around the neighborhood.
  • Make a romantic meal at home using ingredients you already have on hand.
  • Look for free museum tours.
  • Plan a romantic evening at the library using books you already have.

Use Rakuten:

Use the Rakuten browser extension and app to save money during online shopping. You can freely join a platform and get a gift card of $30 after the first purchase of $30 or above.

Keep Filters Clean:

frugal living tips

It is essential to enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system by replacing filters regularly. You should professionally clean inflow/outflow vents and remove all the dust and blockages.

Try Amazon Prime:

Save money by watching television shows and free digital movies on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime has a vast library and offers free services for 30 days.

Use a Bicycle for Walk:

Bicycling is a great exercise to build muscles strong. It will keep you healthy and reduce your gas and petrol charges. If the distance is quite far, you can ride a bicycle.

Don’t Waste Anything:

Using reused or recycled items is an eco-friendly option. It may also be possible for you to donate some items, which is much appreciated. Many recycled household items include a pillowcase, reusable grocery bags, dog toys, etc.

Find The Right Place to Live:

Living in an area where families can comfortably live with few material possessions is essential. Achieve satisfaction with your frugal life in many ways.

Part-time Jobs:

frugal living tips for seniors

Finding a part-time job according to your skills helps to achieve your financial goals efficiently. You indeed have to spend more time working than resting at home. But it will surely save and make some extra money, which is not bad.

Don’t spend much on Gas:

online frugal living tips

Many websites and apps exist that provide the cheapest nearby gas. You need to open the specific website and enter your current location to find cheap gas shops. While travelling, I mostly use the Gas Buddy application to find the best gas prices.

The app also has a GasBack feature that offers cashback on each purchase. You can also use a gas calculator to give yourself an idea of how much gas you will need to save for a specific road trip.

Online Grocery Delivery:

extreme frugal living

Ordering your groceries online while facing trouble at the grocery store. It helps to keep track of your total at any time during the checkout process. The majority of supermarkets deliver free groceries to your home.

In contrast, if you go shopping at the grocery store and feel hungry, you may add many snacks to your cart, increasing your bill.

A Weekly Wash:

In the 21st century, having a weekly wash day may seem outdated because laundry is done daily. Despite this, providing that you wash items like towels and linen weekly rather than daily will likely save you time and money in the long run.

Use Cold Water to Wash clothes:

Washing clothes in cold water increases the life of your clothes because it is gentler on fabric and saves up to $60 yearly.

Try Different Money-Making Apps:

In the 21st century, we are known as internet people due to technological advancement. Nowadays, many money-making apps and websites exist in the market where we can earn just by playing games, creating accounts, shopping, or solving quizzes.

The most legit apps are;

  • Ibotta- Get $10 for each successful referral.
  • Dosh- Earn free money by doing shopping.
  • Rakuten- Get $30 after your first purchase of $30.

Skip the Salon:

frugal living tips

As a woman, I know the importance of a salon, but skipping the salon for pampering and beauty treatments saves many dollars. For example, if you go to a nail salon twice a month and spend $25, your yearly spending is $600.

It is the savvier frugal tip if you go once a month. This thing needs to be fixed for your budget system. You can also search videos on YouTube for the services that how’s it done at home. Use those techniques at home to control your budget. You can look for threading techniques and ideas for haircutting for yourself.

Buy In Bulk:

Buying laundry detergent, toilet paper, personal care items, and trash bags in bulk is a good idea. In contrast, buying food products is unsuitable because they have a short life and more spoil chances. Bulk pantry staples, such as Sam’s Club and Costco, can be found at reasonable prices.

If you cannot access these options, you can get them from your local grocery store. You should beware of overpaying if you intend to buy anything. Make sure that things are on sale before you make the purchase. Use BOGO offers and coupons to save money if you don’t find discounted products.

To take advantage of a sale, you should look for goods at a lower price than their usual value. This will enable you to stock up at a low price. It is essential to ensure you purchase enough to use until the next sale.

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Buy Generic Laundry Detergent:

Save many dollars by switching to generic laundry detergent.

Grow Herbs:

Herbal products are too expensive. A grocery store might cut and package a few stems from a plant and then sell them for a much higher price. It is a great deal if you grow herbs for yourself and sell them for a much higher price. It is easier if you have a sunny window to grow and put them in the soil.

unusual tips

Increase Your Income:

Many traditional and non-traditional ways exist to increase your overall income. For example, you can clean houses, start a blog, pet sitter, sell photos of your feet, walk dogs, be a virtual assistant, sell crafts, babysit, and more.

Craft Gifts:

We are living in a world where most people celebrate special days. For fun, they even call out their friends and exchange gifts. Sometimes it is costly to buy gifts from well-reputed brands.

To cut this, we can craft our own gifts instead of buying and introducing your friends to your unique skills. For example, design and make clothes. If you know to stitch, make Bengal from stones and pearls. You can even bake cake and pizza for them as a party gift.

frugal tips

Plan Food Budget:

Plan your food budget if you are looking for a simple and effective way to reduce grocery costs. Doing this lets you evaluate how much you spend on groceries and set a reasonable budget.

The recent soaring prices and the rising inflation rate make it familiar for many people to have fluctuating budgets for food.

The pressure on the economy is due to the financial crisis. By reducing the amount of food you consume, you can save money and decrease your dependence on unnecessary food items.

Keep your grocery budget under control by shopping at different stores for your food. You can also experiment with your recipes so that you will be able to keep track of your grocery spending.

frugal living tips

Use Mini Budgets:

It is essential to achieve your financial goals. It would be best to keep making a mini-budget instead of giving up. When you feel like giving up and don’t know what to do next with your money, there is nothing better than a mini-budget. It helps you to get back on track with your finances.

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Check Coupons:

Due to the high rise in grocery item prices, use coupons to get discounts. To live a budget-friendly life, avoid paying the total price whenever possible. All the time, tons of coupons and discount options are available through coupon apps and websites.

daily frugal living tips

Cut your Monthly Bills:

Some people need help to cut back on their bills. It’s possible to save much money without paying for unnecessary subscriptions. Use the Trim Deal service to negotiate your bills; you’d need to pay for subscriptions.

Use Cloth Napkins:

Spending money on tissue paper and other stuff you use for a minute wastes funds. Most paper napkins have no coupons and are often unaffordable. Instantly switch from paper napkins to cloth napkins because they have long lives. Get them from yard sales and thrift stores, or make your own cloth napkins.

frugal living tips

Final Thought

Keeping a budget doesn’t entail making sacrifices every time you want to make ends meet to live a frugal life. Frugality can be defined as a way of living that allows you to fully enjoy what is most important to you while spending as little as possible.

It can be a great feeling to be able to track your finances. Take small steps to help you learn how to live frugally, and you will better understand what best suits you.

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