20 Dollars An Hour Is How Much A Year [Can You Live On It In 2024]

Are you wondering $20 an hour is how much in a year? We will guide you very simply with $20 an hour on how much you can make annually, monthly, and weekly income after and before deducting taxes.

Secondly, we will provide a free budget example and compile a list of some jobs you can get with $20 an hour, without any degree. So read the entire content because it contains much valuable information.

Let’s dig a little deeper:

It is challenging to meet all the expenses with a $ 20-an-hour salary due to the high prices of the housing market, groceries, and other items in the United States. In our surroundings, many people financially struggle due to low wages. 

20 Dollars Per Hour Is How Much A Year?

It is $41600 before deducting all the taxes. For example, firstly, multiply the weekly work hours (40) by the number of weeks in a year (52). After doing this calculation, the yearly working hours are 2080. 

40 X 52= 2080

2080 times X $20 an hour= $41600

Moreover, if you work 25 hours a week and the wage is $20 an hour, your yearly salary is $26000 before deducting all the taxes.

25 X 52=1300

2080 times X $20 an hour= $26,000

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How Many Working Days/Hours in 2024?

In the calendar year of 2024, the total working days are 260. You will get this figure after deducting all the weekends and public holidays. Following are the popular public holidays in America.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Washington’s Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Dollar 20 an Hour Per Month

Work weekly (full-time) 40 hours and make $20 an hour

Get the monthly salary by multiplying the average monthly working hours (173) by $20. The total per month salary is $3460 before deducting all the taxes. 

Work weekly (part-time) 25 hours and make $20 an hour

The gross monthly salary is $2160 before taxes, multiplying the average monthly working hours (108) by $20 an hour.

$20 An Hour

How much is $20 an Hour Bi-Weekly?

Work weekly (full-time) 40 hours and make $20 an hour:

The gross 2 weeks’ salary is $1600 before taxes, multiplying the average two-week working hours (40X2=80) by $20 an hour.

80 Working Hours X $20 an hour=$1600

Work weekly (part-time) 25 hours and make $20 an hour:

The gross 2 weeks’ salary is $1000 before taxes, multiplying the average two-week working hours (25X2=50) by $20 an hour.

50 Working Hours X $20 an hour=$1000

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Dollars 20 an Hour Per Week

Work weekly (full-time) 40 hours and make $20 an hour:

The gross weekly salary is $800 before taxes, multiplying the one-week working hours (40) by $20 an hour.

40 Working Hours X $20 an hour=$800

Work weekly (part-time) 25 hours and make $20 an hour:

The gross weekly salary is $500 before taxes, multiplying the one-week working hours (25) by $20 an hour.

25 Working Hours X $20 an hour=$500

$20 an Hour is How Much a Day?

Work daily (full-time) 08 hours and make $20 an hour:

The gross daily salary is $160 before taxes, multiplying the daily working hours (08) by $20 an hour.

08 Working Hours X $20 an hour=$160

Work daily (part-time) for 05 hours and make $20 an hour:

The gross daily salary is $100 before taxes, multiplying the daily working hours (05) by $20 an hour.

05 Working Hours X $20 an hour=$100

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$20 Per Hour a Year After Taxes

20 An Hour

Taxes are a big problem in paycheck amount and significantly affect your salary. In the United States, the tax deduction is different for each individual. For example, at the primary level, if someone earns $41600 in a year. They are expected to pay 12% Federal income taxes and 4% State Tax and charge 7.65% Social Security or Medical Payments. 

$41600 (Gross Salary) X 4% (State Tax) X 12% (Federal Tax) X 7.65% (Social Security or Medical Payments) = $31762 (Net Salary).

Some states don’t charge any tax on the resident’s income.

  • Washington
  • Florida
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • New Hampshire
  • Tennessee
  • Wyoming
  • Alaska
  • Nevada

Comparison Chart of $20 Per Hour (working full-time)

If you work weekly 40 hours and make $20 an hour

TimeWorking HoursGross Income $ (Before Taxes)Net Income $ (After Taxes)
Yearly With Paid Vacation (52 weeks)20804160035131
Yearly With Unpaid Vacation (50 weeks)200040,00033845

Comparison Chart of $20 Per Hour (working part-time)

If you work weekly 25 hours and make $20 an hour

TimeTotal Working HoursAverage Gross Income $ (Before Taxes)Average Net Income $ (After Taxes)

Can you Live Off of $20 an Hour?

In the United States, it is difficult for a young worker to live on $20 an hour due to the high price rise. Many other factors are involved in it, like lifestyle, location, etc. With 20 dollars, you only cover home rent and leave a small portion of the amount at the end of the month.

Secondly, it is difficult for individuals to meet their rent, living, food, and utility expenses, but the wage rate still needs to grow. For example, in San Francisco, New York, and Honolulu, living on $20 an hour is difficult, so you need two jobs to meet all your living expenses efficiently.  

Is $20 an hour suitable for a teenager?

Yes, this salary suits teenagers because they live with their parents and have fewer monthly expenses. In the United States, saving as much as possible for the future is good for them. The majority of teenagers easily make 20 dollars hourly because they have a lot of job opportunities.

Can you buy a house if you make $20 an hour?

In America, everything is expensive, so it isn’t easy to buy a house for 20 dollars per hour, whether you live in a cheaper location or require a small house. This salary is enough to get a home on a mortgage costing less than $200,000. The median home prices are $428,700 in many USA cities. Twenty dollars an hour is not enough if you live in the expensive cities of America or buy a large home elsewhere.

Qualification requirement for Mortgage:

  • The debt-to-income ratio is less than 43%.
  • Not getting any debt amount before.
  • Already have an emergency fund. 
  • The monthly payment is at most $1100.
$20 An Hour

Median Hourly Wage by Profession – United States

ProfessionWage ($)
Air Traffic Controllers61.00
Civil Engineers43.00
Head Chefs26.74
Insurance Agents27.49
Real Estate Agents25.53
Security Guards15.27

Median Hourly Wage by U.S. State

StateWage ($)
New York22.44

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Tips to living on $20 an hour

  • Maintain low household expenses.
  • Adopt cheap and free ways to enjoy some fun.
  • Save money for the future.
  • Get cash back when shopping from Ibotta, Dosh, and Rakuten.
  • Save money on insurance.

Ways to make more money if 20 an hour is not enough

There are many efficient ways to increase your salary. 

  • Complete part-time surveys.
  • Quit low-paid jobs and get a high-paying job.
  • Ask employers to raise the price.
  • Get more skills by visiting schools and colleges.
  • Start a side hustle.

Jobs that pay $20 an hour with little or no experience/degree (updated for 2024)

According to the Wall Street Journal, many companies plan to raise their employees’ wages in 2024. There are plenty of $20 job options that you can get without any degree. 

JobAverage Per Hour Wage ($)Job Duties
Bartender20.00Serve drinks to customers
Chef25.00Oversee the food preparation at restaurants
Graphic Designer25.00Create visual concepts.
HVAC Tech24.00Work on cooling, heating, refrigeration, and ventilation systems
Lodging Manager27.00Ensure the business runs efficiently and that travelling guests have a pleasant experience.
Massage Therapist21.00Massage and treat clients
Property Manager25.00Take care of industrial, residential, and commercial aspects.
Proofreader22.00 Proofread manuscripts and publications.
Tutor21.00Supports students in their homework.
Virtual Assistant22.00Works remotely, handling social media accounts, email, proofreading, and more

$20 an Hour Budget Example

We compile the best 70/20/10 monthly budget examples, which are as follows.

  • Spend 70% of income on entertainment and other monthly expenses.
  • Save 20% of income for future expenses and retirement.
  • Use 10% income for loan repayment.
ExpensesAmount ($)
Debt Repayment293
Life or Health Insurance100
Short or Long Term Savings585

Moreover, everyone can’t follow the above budgeting plan. It is suitable for you to minimize expenses and debts to save money for the future.  

How many hours are there in common, Leap, Mean, Julian, Sidereal, or Tropical Year?

Hours in a Common Year

According to the Gregorian calendar year

1 year = 365 (Total Number of Days)

365 (Number of Days in a Year) X 24 (Total Daily Hours) = 8760

Hours in a Leap Year:

1 leap year = 365 (Total Number of Days)

366 X 24 (Total Daily Hours) = 8784

Hours in a mean Year:

1 mean year = 365+1/4-1/100+1/400 (Total Number of Days)

365.2425 X 24 (Total Daily Hours) = 8765.82

Hours in a Julian Year:

1 Julian year = 365.25 (Total Number of Days)

365.25 X 24 (Total Daily Hours) = 8766

Hours in a sidereal Year:

1 sidereal year = 365.25636 (Total Number of Days)

365.25636 X 24 (Total Daily Hours) = 8766.15264

Hours in a Tropical Year:

1 Tropical year = 365. 242189 (Total Number of Days)

242189 X 24 (Total Daily Hours) = 8765.812536

Paid Time Off Earning 20 Dollars Per Hour

Paid Holiday:

  • Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • George Washington’s Birthday
  • Juneteenth National Independence Day
  • Independence Day
  • Inauguration Day
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • New Year’s Day

Paid Time Off:

  • Federally recognized holidays
  • Vacation Time
  • Sick days
  • Personal Days

Hourly to Annual Salary

Hourly WageWeekly salary ($)Monthly salary ($)Annual salary ($)
$10 per hour4001,733.3320,800
$11 per hour4401,906.6722,880
$12 per hour4802,080.0024,960
$13 per hour5202,253.3327,040
$14 per hour5602,426.6729,120
$15 per hour6002,600.0031,200
$16 per hour6402,773.3333,280
$17 per hour6802,946.6735,360
$18 per hour7203,120.0037,440
$19 per hour7603,293.3339,520
$20 per hour8003,466.6741,600
$21 per hour8403,640.0043,680
$22 per hour8803,813.3345,760
$23 per hour9203,986.6747,840
$24 per hour9604,160.0049,920
$25 per hour10004,333.3352,000
$26 per hour10404,506.6754,080
$27 per hour10804,680.0056,160
$28 per hour11204,853.3358,240
$29 per hour11605,026.6760,320
$30 per hour12005,200.0062,400

Second to Minute Conversion Table


Hour to Day Conversion Table



Is $20 an hour an ideal salary to live a good life in the United States? Nobody can answer it perfectly because it depends on many factors and an individual’s lifestyle. Secondly, this amount is not good enough to live in a big city in America.

However, if you live in a small town, this amount is enough. Always plan to spend your salary well because it is your decision how you want to live. You should be creative and start some side hustles or part-time work to meet your necessities comfortably.  


Q. What is the hourly rate for 41,600 dollars a year?

Twenty dollars is the per-year wage rate.

Q. How Many Days in an Hour?

In an hour, there are approximately 0.0416666667 days.

Q. How many weeks in a year?

1 Common Year = 52 Weeks

Q. How many seconds in a day?

The total seconds in one day are 86400.

Q. How many hours are in a day?

In a day, the total hours are 24. 

Q. How many minutes in a day?

The total number of minutes in a day is 1440. 

Q. How many minutes in a year?

1 Common Year = 5,25600 Minutes

Q. When is the next leap year?

2024 is the next leap year, and the next leap day is February 29, 2024.  

Q. How many weeks in a school year?

1 Common Year = 25 Weeks

Q. How much is $18 per hour per year?

The annual salary is $37,440 for $18 per hour wage.

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