25 Fun And Easy Jobs For 10 Year Olds To Make Money

Are you looking for easy job options for your 10-year-old kids? In the following section of the article, we provide some best opportunities to make money.

Let’s dig a little deeper;

In today’s modern world, a proper job provides you with an excellent opportunity as a parent to teach your children the value of money.

Kids also learn the importance of responsibility and the world of work. Ten-year-olds can gain valuable skills by working at a job that may be difficult to acquire in a classroom or at home. 

10 Year Old Jobs

Jobs at a young age are beneficial for the career-building of your kids. They can learn about teamwork, responsibility, financial management, and how to spend or save money.

Jobs also help them control their time effectively, manage money, or communicate with different individuals or groups. These skills are helpful to become a successful entrepreneur. 

For a 10-year-old to find a suitable job, they must strike a delicate balance between what the child enjoys and what is appropriate for their age.

Our children can be taught basic financial skills through entrepreneurship to promote healthy self-reliance. They may benefit tremendously from these strategies when they become adults.

A young child should be introduced to finance at an early age. They will thus be able to learn how to handle money and to value every cent they receive. When your child is 10, they might just be entering their preteen years, which means they may expect you to treat them as adults. 

To ensure the success of your child’s earnings from home, you should know how they can earn income. Since I am an online entrepreneur, I encourage my children to explore non-traditional employment opportunities. Older children will likely find earning easier than younger children. 

jobs for 10 year olds

Can Kids Work Legally?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in America prohibits children under 10 from working a regular job. However, according to this law, there are some exceptions. For example, children can engage in agriculture or family-owned businesses and start their own businesses.

Conversely, 10-year-old kids do not work in restaurants, offices, and retail stores. The employment opportunities for young people are limited.

There are several rules and regulations by law that you should keep in mind if you wish to encourage your child to work for a wage. If parents allow their children to earn money, what legal parameters should they consider?

jobs for 10 year olds online

Legal Procedure

Most parents believe encouraging children to become responsible for their work at a young age is an excellent idea. In contrast, the government holds a different view.

There are restrictions on what children may do for work. The limitations include with which they may work, work types, and the total amount of time spent on work.

Combined with their siblings’ and parents’ salaries, their meager salary would contribute significantly to the family’s income. Child labor is a remarkable accomplishment for our society. 

Laws must be enacted restricting the age at which a child may be employed. The requirement is that children attend school for their education. Follow the safety rules, and kids cannot work in an unsafe environment like a factory or warehouse.

They can work after regular school hours, under specific conditions, in safe and non-manufacturing organizations. Working non-hazardous jobs that are legal for those between 16 and 17 years of age.

A child who is younger than 14 years of age has minimal employment opportunities. Regarding their employment, they are not permitted to engage in non-agricultural occupations covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. 

It is important to note that there are other activities they can perform outside of family businesses. For example, delivering papers, babysitting, performing, and other chores.

kids Jobs For 10 Year Olds

25 Best Jobs for 10 Year Olds

If your child has never worked before but is ready to start working, starting with a minor job may be a good idea. This will get them used to the job market. Your responsibilities will increase as you progress.  

In this instance, only the parent can allow their kids to work outside the home. You should ensure that preteens are aware of all the security risks they may be exposed to and that they are mature enough to be supervised by an adult.

If your ten-year-old does not want to spend time at home doing something he has never done, talk to them about what jobs they would enjoy. 

You could teach your kids valuable lessons through paid and unpaid short-term and long-term employment. Based on your junior’s temperament and specific circumstances, decide what is best for them.

Entrepreneur Jobs For 10-Year-Olds

Lemonade Stand Selling:

Lemonade stands are a time-honored tradition for children to start their businesses. Whenever they needed extra money, my son set up their lemonade stand in front of our house.

To make large purchases in the future, they saved most of the money they earned over the years. They began selling sweet tea, homemade goods, and lemonade, eventually turning their lemonade stand into a mini snack stop. 

Due to how much they earned in a day, the neighborhood kids soon took notice of their earnings and set up stands nearby. The market competition quickly developed between companies who sought to outprice and outsell one another. 

A lemonade stand and subsequent expansion taught my son how to count back change, price products, and handle the market competition.

jobs for 10 year olds

Plant Daycare:

A plant daycare job is a good option for 10-year-old kids because they lack transportation. They can easily offer the services to their neighbors or nearer houses. Many people are ready to hire kids to manage their household plants instead of hiring strangers in their houses. 

jobs for 10 year olds

Dog Walker:

Dog walking may be a good business and an excellent way to earn cash for your kids. But in some big cities like Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, you must have special permission from the authorities to do this job. It is an excellent option to earn money in small and suburban areas.

jobs for 10 year olds

Duty as a Babysitter:

The ten-year-old child in your family can earn money by babysitting your parents’ younger children if they exhibit maturity, responsibility, and a caring attitude toward them. 

Your child needs to understand how important it is to play in a secure environment with toddlers and young children. Their role is to play with them, feed them, and monitor their activities.

jobs for 10 year olds

Backyard Chicken and Eggs:

Children can earn from this business by selling eggs and caring for animals. They must understand the chicken feed and packaging carton cost as an egg supplier. Check local chicken law before starting this business, whether it is permissible in your area, and learn their requirements.

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Pet’s Care:

Children love animals, so taking care of them in return for money is a good idea since they will appreciate this opportunity. Pet owners only need to feed, clean, groom, and take their animals for walks. Whenever they have a pet, whether it’s one of their own or a neighbor’s. 

Taking care of your family’s pets in your spare time is something you can do as a pet sitter. They can increase their amenities to include taking care of the pets of friends and neighbors. 

Kids must learn about their pets at home before serving their neighbors and friends. It will give them a better understanding of the position and allow them to become familiar.

pets Jobs For 10 Year Olds

Yard Work:

People feel happy to hire kids to pull weeds and rake leaves in a garden. They can also hire them to dig holes and trim a hedge. On the other hand, some folks are unhappy to hire small kids for their lawns due to the safety point of view. 

Paper Route:

The paper route is an old and excellent way to earn some cash. This job has a lot of benefits and makes the children fit. It is helpful to learn time management and responsibility. You need to check whether this job is still available in your city. 


Often, older people do not have access to storytelling. Despite the availability of audiobooks and podcasts, they cannot compare with the experience of speaking with a person directly.

If your child loves to read, it may be worthwhile for them to advertise themselves as a reader at a nearby assisted living facility or retirement home.

Purchasing the gift will bring joy to an older adult, and the 10-year-old will gain some pocket money and feel accomplished. As a bonus, if your child is fortunate, you can share some stories they have heard from their clients.

Not quite 10? No worries, check out our Ultimate Guide!

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jobs for 10 year olds

Parent Helper:

Kids can become mothers’ helpers and help them in their many works. For example, they can clean and manage a toybox.

Performer or an Actor:

You can give your ten-year-old many opportunities to showcase their talent and earn a living through the performing arts, dance, or music.

Stage shows, television, and films facilitate access to a broader audience. Nonetheless, they can increase their earnings if they successfully land a job.

You can help your ten-year-old develop their performing skills by locating auditions or casting calls in the area.

In this highly competitive field, it is essential to prepare for rejection. Even if your child succeeds in making money from small, intimate audiences, your child should keep going.

jobs for 10 year olds

Design and Manufacture Jewellery:

An individual as young as ten can make jewelry using a simple process. One of the most significant advantages of custom jewelry is its ease of sale. If you sell your preteen’s designs through an Etsy account or a stand at your local farmer’s market, you can help them earn extra income.

Support for Technical Issues:

As technology advances, kids better understand technology than most adults. Start-ups of tech support businesses are an excellent way for your 10-year-old son or daughter to earn additional income using their technical skills.

Depending on your preteen’s level of knowledge and skills, they may be able to assist with various tasks.

It includes setting up a new computer, assessing a new phone, retouching photographs, scanning paper photos, entering data, creating websites, setting up social media accounts, and backing up files.

Online Jobs for 10-year-olds

Become an Influencer:

You can encourage your ten-year-old to become a young influencer on Instagram if you feel comfortable with them using social media. They must have sufficient followers and engagement to earn sponsorships and free swag.

Video content can be produced about several topics that can earn money and be used as inspiration for making videos.

When a person agrees to participate in a survey, the company may send them a free book in exchange for a review. Even a ten-year-old can establish an Instagram account, a TikTok account, and a book review channel.

jobs for 10 year olds

Create Accounts on Social Media:

It is common for young children to set up their social media accounts within a few minutes in today’s world. Small business owners know the advantages of having their business visible on multiple social media platforms.

Most people need the time or technological skills to set up their computers independently. It would be best if you did not object to them paying your child to do the job for them as long as you are okay with it.

Sell Stock Images:

Selling pictures is demanding work across the world. Regarding photography, it is an excellent option to earn dollars if your child is interested in photography or has photo editing skills.

Sell some images they have created to stock photography companies like Istock, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Dreamstime, etc. You can also sell your stock images directly to clients. You must adhere to rules and guidelines before starting this side hustle.

jobs for 10 year olds

Etsy Biz:

If your kid is responsible, creative, and hard-working, you can set up an e-commerce store on Etsy. Start a shop with many options like Holiday ornaments, Homemade bath bombs, Tie-die products, Unique twists on painted rocks, etc.

Snow Removal:

If you live in the northern areas of the country, so winter season is the best time to do this job. Explore and contact the elderly and single parents with little time to remove the snow. Your kids get cash from this job and enjoy the workout.

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If your kids are specialists and have a passion for artwork so they can earn dollars by selling their work. There are different skills in artwork, like painting, sketching, landscape, caricature, etc.

Volunteer Jobs for 10-year-olds

Give Company to Older People:

If your children are good communicators, they will be able to help you with a lot of different chores around the house. While working, your teen can sit and keep the local senior company while you do your task.

Seniors may hire someone to assist them with household chores, such as washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, or doing laundry while visiting.

Community Gardener:

There are a lot of people that are looking to hire someone to manage their gardens. Explore that garden in your local area and tell them your children can assist them in watering and weeding.

jobs for 10 year olds

Children’s Book Author:

Nothing is better than writing a children’s book, a novel, or a poem for kids. If your child has determination, passion, good vocabulary, imagination, and love to write. This job will be helpful for them to start a new career.

jobs for 10 year olds

Candle Making:

Candle making is excellent because they can start it from home and sell it online or through a different marketplace.

Newspaper Delivery:

In today’s online world, many people love to read newspapers online. But some people still love traditional papers. The demand for the newspaper is still available in the market. And due to this companies hire delivery boys to parcel their newspaper so it might be a good option for your child.

At-home Jobs for Kids

Keep things Clean:

Jobs For 10 Year Olds 2023

Your preteen can be introduced to earning money by cleaning tasks into their daily routine. This is even if they receive an allowance for performing regular chores.

It is best to separate work-for-hire chores from regular ones so your children don’t get confused. Your 10-year-old can perform the following tasks in addition to their usual duties.

  • Clean cabinets
  • Car Washing
  • Bringing in groceries
  • Brushing pets
  • Cleaning the toilet
  • Folding laundry
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • Making their dinner
  • Stripping beds
  • Sweeping floors or decks

What are the Pros and Cons of Online Jobs for 10-Year-Old?


  • Work from any location with the help of an internet connection.
  • Many online jobs do not require a participant’s previous knowledge and expertise.
  • Learn time management, financial management, and other valuable skills.
  • The working hours of many jobs are very flexible.
  • Some jobs pay a good salary.


  • In an online job, there are chances of scamming and illegitimate.
  • All your personal information, like name, address, email, and phone number, is available online. So anyone can misuse your personal information.
  • Some jobs are very dull.
  • People can misuse your bank account credentials.


It isn’t very nice that our country’s labor laws prevent ten-year-olds from getting a formal job. Your child may discover that they have an inner entrepreneur if you allow them to express their creative side. 

If your child finds starting their side hustle overwhelming, consider volunteering opportunities or doing extra work around the house.

A side hustle can be overwhelming for a child, especially if they are overwhelmed. It has allowed them to gain valuable experience that will benefit them when they enter the workforce.


Q. How much should 10-year-olds be paid?

There are a lot of factors involved in it, like the nature of the task, time, task difficulty, experience, competency, etc. There is not any fixed wage rate in the market.  

Q. Can you get a job at age 10?

According to the law, it is permissible for a 10-year-old kid to work as an employee in any organization. However, they can work as freelancers if they have any technical skills.

Q. What are the most suitable jobs for 10-year-olds?

The most suitable jobs are pet sitting, lemonade stands, paper route, and painting.

Q. Can a 10-year-old work at McDonald’s?

They do not work in McDonald’s because it is against United States law.

Q. What is the youngest age to get a job?

The youngest age to get a job is 14 years old.

Q. Can a 10-year-old have a debit card?

No, they do not get a debit card.

Q. Can a 10-year-old have a cash app? 

No, they do not use a cash app for their transactions.

Q. What are the worst jobs for kids?

The worst jobs for the child are janitor, plumber, trash collector, and server.

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