How To Sell A Junk Car For Cash [With And Without Title]

Do you want to get rid of your old, damaged car and make money by selling it? Are you trying to figure out how to sell and find a reputable salvage yard?

Get complete information to learn the best place to sell a car for cash, tips to sell a car, and how to sell a junk car. We also share a Google Map locator to find the best auto salvage and cash for junk cars near me.

Let’s dig a little deeper:

Cars that are not mechanically fit, old, accidental, or not in a condition to drive safely are known as junk cars. Clunker junker is only lucrative if the car’s value is below $500.

There are many ways to sell unwanted automobiles. Salvage yards, online forums, and junkyards are the fastest and easiest way to sell a car. Make more dollars by selling car parts separately. 

On the other hand, removing their mechanical faults might be expensive or time-consuming if you decide not to sell an old, damaged car. Getting an accurate estimate of the value of a junk vehicle is essential. After determining the value, you need to determine to whom you should sell it.

Places that Buy Junk Cars

In the United States, there are many places and interested members to buy junk cars. Consider the following places to sell junk cars.

  • Local junkyards 
  • Private Junk car buyers
  • Auto salvage yards

Secondly, consider the following online buyers to sell a junk car.

  • Cash For Clunkers
  • Cars 4 Cash
  • CarMax
  • Junk Car Medics
  • Pick n Pull
  • eBay Motors

You should provide all the information to sell a junk car at an auto salvage yard or choose an online option. Providing as much information as possible during the inquiry to avoid legal issues is good. All the provided information is secure and not shared with anyone. The following details are necessary to complete the application form for a quote.

  • Model year
  • Car make
  • Car title 
  • Car model
  • Damage details

It is easy to get an instant quote after providing all the necessary details and comparing the prices with other dealers. Get a payment after accepting a quote. 

$500 cash for junk cars

How Much Do Junk Cars Sell For?

There are many factors involved in determining the junk car’s selling price. For example, make a maximum of $200 if the car’s age is over ten years because it completes its lifespan. In contrast, making $1000 if the car’s condition is good and the model is new.

After selling an old automobile, becoming a millionaire is impossible. However, you can make little income to cover various expenses. The earnings also depend on the car’s weight. For example, earn more if the weight of the car’s body is more.

A national auto salvage company states the estimated earnings are from $200 to $500 depending on the following reasons.

  • Model, make, and year of junk car.
  • Major missing parts of the car, such as the engine, transmission, catalytic converter, or wheels
  • Location of the junk car
  • Major damage such as flood, accident, or fire

How Can I Get the Most Money for My Junk Car?

It is possible to get more by selling the car’s parts separately at a scrap metal yard. There are two ways to make money from an old, damaged car.

Part out the car then sell it for scrap:

Compared to the salvage or junkyard, it is the best approach to earn more by selling the following parts at the scrap or metal yard. 

  • Car’s Engine
  • Built-in GPS
  • Stereo
  • Transmission
  • Mirrors
  • Doors
  • Windshield Wipers

The demand for these items is very high, and dealers pay hundreds of dollars after evaluating their condition. For example, the average price of the built-in GPS is $100, and the car’s engine price is $500. This approach requires more time, effort, and expertise for a good deal. Use different platforms to find a part’s buyers. The most potential buyers are as follows.

  • Repair shops
  • Car Part Recyclers
  • Mechanics
  • Individual Buyers 
  • Collectors
  • Scrap Yards  

Sell a junk car privately:

Car hobbyists are the best clients to buy your car for restoration. However, it takes a lot of work to find interested clients. Some essential factors are also involved in the selling process.

  • State
  • Registration
  • Transfer 
  • Inspections 
  • Complete sale bill
  • Compliance costs

Moreover, it is recommended never to sell a good condition car at the salvage yard because they don’t pay the amount according to its worth. 

Steps to Selling a Junk Car

Before the Sale

Consider the following easy steps before selling a junk car.

1. Get ahold of the car’s title:

A vehicle’s title is necessary to sell a car because it’s ownership proof. Otherwise, it is not possible to transfer the ownership to the buyer. Secondly, contact the BMV or DM state’s offices and ask them to send through email if someone does not find a vehicle’s title. The following information is required to get a title.

  • Car title
  • Make
  • VIN
  • Year
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Engine condition
  • Body condition
  • Interior Damage
  • Exterior damage

2. Find a buyer:

The second step is to find junk or auto salvage yards that offer more money. And determine whether they have an active working license. A reputable establishment is always good for getting better services. You should use online platforms to get multiple quotes.

3. Compare the quotes:

After finding all the potential buyers, the next step is to compare the quotes. It is helpful to get the best price for your product. And choose the quote that offers more money.

4. Sort out the paperwork:

Many companies complete the sale paperwork before buying any item. The legal requirements always differ from state to state, and the buying establishments complete the necessary paperwork.

5. Confirm the sale and schedule a pickup time:

The next step is to inform the buying company whether you accept their offer. Now plan to deliver the car if you are satisfied with all the conditions and accept the agreement. For example, provide the car to junk yards if the condition is excellent or drivable. However, if it is not drivable, make a pickup schedule.

6. Prepare the car for pickup:

Remove all the valuable parts, such as the engine, wheels, alternators, starters, and personal belongings, if you only sell the car’s shell. Many states registered new or other vehicles with old number plates. Removing them before crushing or delivering them to the buyer is essential.  

7. Sign the relevant documents:

In the end, sign the transfer letter and other necessary documents when the buyer comes to pick up a car. Read all the documents carefully and get a copy for your record.

junk car removal

After The Sale:

Consider the following sale steps to conclude the sale.

8. Contact the DMV:

Contact the state’s DMW office within a specified period and inform them about a sale, donation, or trade of an automobile. Use different mediums to contact them, such as by call, official website, and visiting the nearest office.

9. Inform your insurance:

You must immediately inform the insurance company about your care’s sale. 

10. Follow up with the buyer:

The last step is to follow up with the buyer and ask whether the ownership transfer process has been completed. Sellers can also contact the DMV office to confirm the car’s ownership transfers. 

What’s the right time to sell your car for $500?

For many reasons, it is vital to determine the appropriate time to junk a car during the year. Because market values for scrap metal fluctuate, it is wise to sell when there is high demand. Many seasonal factors also influence price fluctuations.

For example, spring and summer are excellent times to sell metals such as steel and aluminum. There is usually a slower pace of scrap dealers during the winter period. It means you may only be able to get a little cash during winter.

It is good to sell scrap metal no matter what time of year if you need quick cash and don’t want to save until the price increases. On the other hand, holding a car might be viable if you can wait until prices rise even higher.

Cars with outstanding loans

Following are some possible approaches to selling a vehicle with outstanding loans.

  1. Sell an automobile privately and use the sale payments to pay off the debt amount.
  2. Use the remaining vehicle amount to repay the other outstanding debts.
  3. Pay off the home or a credit card loan before selling the property to make up the difference.
  4. There’s also the option of searching for a dealership that offers a loan payoff program. Then, you can negotiate a price with them to ensure you get the most promising deal.
cash for cars

Getting Cash for Your Junk Car

Aside from eliminating the old car, it also provides various benefits. Some of them are as follows.

The value of a home will likely be affected if a junk car is sitting on the lawn or in the driveway. Getting rid of a junk car will make your lawn look more admirable. It also prevents weeds from taking refuge in and around the vehicle. It is essential if you plan to sell a home in the future.

In Ohio, the latest registration is necessary if a car you keep on your property and don’t drive. A small amount might seem like little money, but since vehicle registration can cost more than $30 a year, it can quickly add up to a lot.

If you have a garage with a lot of space, you are likelier to store many items. Utilize the newly freed-up area for many purposes, such as keeping sports equipment, installing a pool table on your property, or adding another vehicle to your collection that is now at your disposal.

Health and safety concerns arise when old cars are left to sit in one place for long periods. It causes infections because many dangerous chemicals seep into the ground and eventually enter the water supply.

Essentially, this poses a threat to the human species as well as the ecosystem as a whole. The metal from junk cars can also be used to manufacture new parts, which helps substantially reduce the amount of pollution associated with mining and manufacturing new car parts.

There is no better time than today to invest in a new car. It is especially true when you have the storage space for the vehicle and the money to make a down payment. 

Junk car selling locations in 2024

Here are the best online platforms to sell a car.


It is a modern, enjoyable, and convenient way to sell automobiles. After creating an account, provide all the vehicle’s necessary details, such as make, mileage, year, condition, and title. Then a system will provide offers after accessing the market.

You have seven days to think about the proposal and accept an offer. If you accept the agreement, you will be paid for the car when Peddle picks it up. The BBB has given it an A+ rating and a 5-star rating by Trustpilot based on user reviews.


Sell the vehicle parts separately to a recycling company to earn more dollars. Find recyclers in your area by searching the vehicle parts on Google. Google will access your location and provide the closest places on the screen. 

Then, read their reviews online to find a reputable business in your area or get friends and family experience if they have used a company.


Jrop is a company that provides towing services, roadside assistance, and buying an old car for cash. The company offers services across the country. It is a convenient way to get rid of an old car. After accepting the offer, payment is provided when they pick up a car. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has rated Jrop as an A+ company. 

Junk Car Removal Services

Jrop offers the following services.

  • Tow Junk Car
  • Crashed Car Removal Service
  • Salvage Car Removal
  • Fast Junk Car Removal Service
  • Scraped Car Pick-up
  • Wrecked Car Removal

Cash for Cars:

Cash for Cars is the safest, fastest, and best online vehicle-selling platform. They accept all the cars, whether in good condition or bad. The company provides free towing services across the country and has 200+ branches.

The company uses advanced technology to evaluate the best price of an automobile. The money is provided within 24 hours. It is necessary to provide all the required vehicle information and get offers within two minutes. Moreover, the company will arrange free towing services after accepting an offer. 

When you accept their offer, they will deliver a check directly to your home. The Better Business Bureau has rated Cash for Cars as an A+, and Trustpilot has given it 4.7 out of 5.


Pick-n-Pull is the best online forum to clean your garage of unwanted cars. They have worked for over 30 years and have rich experience in this industry. They accept all the models. Firstly, provide all the required vehicle details to get an instant quote.

Then, accept the quote if you are satisfied with the proposal. An ownership proof is necessary to complete the selling process. In some Pick-n-Pull locations, towing is provided free of charge. You must drop off your vehicle at your nearest Pick-n-Pull location. The money is mailed to customers or picked up from the nearest Pick-n-Pull store. 

Salvage yards:

Salvage yards are an excellent place to sell vehicles and their parts. You can get the best possible deal on your vehicle by contacting local salvage yards and comparing their offers. If you are considering hiring someone, check their reviews first.

Donate your car to charity:

Many organizations across the world accept junk car donations. Fill out the online donation form and provide all the necessary details. After verifying all the information, the company will pick up the car from your location. And provide the receipt that you can use in tax returns. Compared to charity organizations, the donor is the most significant benefit in car donation. 

Sell A Junk Car For Cash With And Without Title

Best Car Donation Charities:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Goodwill
  • The Salvation Army
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Canine Companions for Independence

Why Donate

The following are the best advantages of donating a car.

  • Help a charity 
  • A charitable organization uses your vehicle 
  • Get a healthy tax write-off
  • Avoid hassles while selling a car in the market
  • Free pick-up
  • Get rid of a vehicle that does not have a proper title.

How to Sell Your Junk Car For Cash?

  • Sell a vehicle to private car buyers
  • Sell a car on Craigslist
  • Use online mediums
  • Donate a vehicle to a charity.
  • Contact the State’s motor vehicle department.
  • Online junkyard
  • Take it to an auto salvage auction
  • Use Facebook Marketplace

When should you scrap a car?

Here are the reasons to scrap a car.

  • The car’s engine is blown. 
  • It’s not safe to drive.
  • Compared to its worth, it requires more money to fix mechanical issues.
  • Spends more time in the mechanic’s shop 
  • It’s old, missing parts, and unreliable.
  • Involved in a major accident 
  • Value is less than $500.
  • Completed its lifecycle
  • Buyers are not interested in buying.
  • Don’t feel safe while sitting.

Can I sell my junk car without a title?

It depends on the state’s laws because some states allow selling a car without a title. Whereas in other states, it is not permissible. For example, California’s laws demand a new title to sell an automobile.

At the same time, use proof of registration and power of attorney to sell cars in some counties of Texas. Use the Dirt Legal website to recover the title with minimal fees. Many auto salvage yards buy the vehicle without a title but demand the following items as proof.

  • Driver’s License
  • Registration Proof
  • Sale Bill


Ultimately, selling junk cars is an efficient way to make money. It is essential to understand the car’s worth and the extent of its damage before rebuilding or scrapping. It is easy to make $500 and use online or physical resources to do proper research to get the most favorable quote. Requires a VN number or car’s title for a smooth process. 


Q. Can I scrap a car that’s not in my name?

It depends on the respective state’s laws if the vehicle is not in your name. For example, in some states, the DMV demands a death certificate and transfer form if someone receives a car from deceased relatives.

In contrast, other states demand power of attorney. Secondly, check a local scrap yard because many yards accept vehicles with an open letter.

Q. Do you need to notify DMV if you junk your car?

DMV permission is necessary when trading, selling, or donating a car.

Q. Will CarMax buy a non-running car?

Yes, they accept all automobiles, whether in good condition or not. 

Q. Who gives the most cash for junk cars?

Carmax is the best seller that offers more money for old cars.

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