42 Best Jobs For 14 Year Olds [Ultimate Guide]

Are you looking for the best part-time job option for 14-year-olds? Don’t worry because you are in the right place. We will share the 42 perfect job options to start a career in different fields. We will also discuss getting the job early, finding hiring places, and providing some best interview tips.   

Let’s get started;

It is difficult for a 14-year olds kid to find a job with no experience. As a teenager, getting the first job is a fantastic opportunity to gain independence, earn cash and become a leader by getting experience. 

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What is the Maximum Amount 14 Year Olds & 15 Year Olds Can Earn

Work hours and type of work may be regulated by local laws depending on where you live. In the United States, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) offers the stated restrictions:

  • Mines, ladder work, logging operations, warehousing, and other hazardous jobs are prohibited.
  • School days are limited to three hours of work, with eight hours on non-school days.
  • Work only 18 hours weekly during school days.
  • You are prohibited from working from 7 am until 7 pm.

Under particular circumstances, you may be allowed to work more hours than usual. For example, participation in sponsored work programs.

The Best Jobs for 14 Year Old

best jobs for 14 year olds

Retail and food service are two industries where teenagers can work. In some areas, job seekers may have more opportunities than in other areas depending on where you live.

Consider asking your friends, family, and local businesses if they can recommend part-time jobs. The following are a few of the opportunities that may be available to you locally:

Movie Theater:

A 14-year kid is eligible to do this job and earn dollars. This job is good for responsible people who can communicate well. It is an exciting job and a great source of fun. Get the work by contacting the nearest movie theatre’s manager. 

Average salary: 

$12.29 an hour.

Job Duties: 

Many duties involve selling tickets, collecting money, cleaning auditoriums or lobbies, and answering customers’ questions. They also face customer behavior before, during, and after the end of shows.  


Kids can also get a cashier job at retail stores and fast-food restaurants. This job is a good option if you have good customer skills. You need to be able to work with the public. 

Average Salary: 

$12.65 an hour.

Job Duties: 

During their shifts, they are also responsible for issuing receipts or refunds and balancing the cash drawer. Cashiers also manage cash, credit card, count money, and make check payments. 

jobs for 15 year olds

Buss Person:

Busing tables at restaurants is a good job option for 14-year kids. It is a good choice for those who are efficient in their work and stand for a long period. Check the local and nearest restaurants and ask them for hire. 

Average Salary: 

$13.36 an hour.

Job Duties: 

Bussers clean tables and food surfaces after the end of the customer’s meal. Secondly, they are responsible for resetting the tables or chairs and cleaning the floors. Refilling nonalcoholic beverages, clear utensils, and drinkware from restaurant tables is their duty.

Ice Cream Scooper:

The duties of an ice cream scooper include the following:

  • Greeting customers.
  • Providing menu.
  • Answering customer queries.
  • Providing sample.
  • Scooping and serving products.
  • Collecting bills from customers.
  • Maintaining ice cream inventory.

Average Salary: 

$13.63 an hour.

Grocery Bagger:

Helping customers to carry their groceries from the grocery store to their vehicles is the primary responsibility of grocery baggers.

Average Salary: 

$13.94 an hour.

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Dish Cleaner: 

Many people do not consider it a glamorous job and feel annoyed. It is available for 14-year kids, but you must leave home. And lift heavy plates, dishes, and other crockery items. The most difficult part is working while standing for a long time. 

Average Salary: 

$13.96 an hour.

Job Duties: 

Dish cleaners are responsible for cookware and arranging clean dishes for serving. Table setting and table bussing are also common tasks they perform in restaurants.


A barista prepares and serves coffee, tea, answers questions and helps customers pick out menu items. They use a cash register and other point-of-sale technology. They are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing equipment, work, and customer areas.

Average Salary: 

$14.18 an hour.

Restaurant Host:

The restaurant hosts welcomes patrons, leads to open tables, presents menus, and informs them about specials. A restaurant section’s balance is also their responsibility, so servers are not overburdened.

Average Salary: 

$14.70 an hour.


Lifeguard is the funniest and most responsible job opportunity for young kids. As well as, you must have 14 to 15 years old if you want to do this job.

Secondly, you require a training certificate to easily get this job. By doing this work, you make extra money and meet new people in your daily routine.  

Average Salary: 

$14.81 an hour.

Job Duties: 

Public and private pools employ lifeguards. And they monitor visitors, enforce safety rules and provide emergency care (such as CPR) until medical assistance can arrive.

Camp Counsellor:

This job is good for those who love to work with a child, go for outdoor activities, and are responsible. In the summer season, many local camps are hiring staff for their summer camp.

Secondly, if you are still looking for a job, contact the recreation department and local YMCA for upcoming job opportunities. 

Average salary: 

$15.26 an hour.

Job Duties:

You will help lead sing-alongs, games, hikes, and other activities as camp staff. Secondly, supervise children at camp while learning the basics of counselor duties. It will prepare you for a position as a senior counselor.


Work as a caddy on a golf course if you have some knowledge about the game. They assist the golfer while playing around the course. It is an outdoor job and suitable for golf-interested children.

If you want to become a caddy, use online mediums to search the job in your surrounding areas. And talk with the local golf course authorities about joining a junior caddy program.  

Average Salary: 

$17.85 an hour.

Job Duties:

An amateur golfer’s caddie usually carries a golf bag, cleans golf balls, rakes bunkers, holds flags, and suggests clubs to fellow players.


Referring is a great way to earn money and increase your skill by communicating with new people. Getting this job will make you active and super fit. Get the job by exploring the nearest youth sports leagues. 

Average Salary: 

$21.28 an hour

Job Duties:

A referee oversees and enforces sporting rules in basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and hockey. Game officials are responsible for starting and stopping games and resolving rule violations when necessary.

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Dog Walker:

If you are an animal lover, it might be a good option. Hire a dog walker independently or from a company specializing in walking dogs.

The dog walker can walk multiple dogs at one time, or it may be possible for the dog walker to walk only one dog at a time. Various factors determine to get paid including the length of each walk, the dog’s breed, and the client’s instructions.

Average Salary: 

$21.37 an hour

Job Duties:

Many are busy and don’t have time for a dog walk. Take the client’s pet out in the daytime and care for them. 

jobs for 14 year olds with no experience


Kids with good knowledge, a grip on a specific subject, and experience in managing children can become tutors. A tutor is responsible for helping the students with their homework and helping them to solve their subject-related queries.

Secondly, they help the students in preparing for their tests. If you have all these skills, talk with your teachers, parents, and family members to arrange for the students looking for a tutor.  

Average Salary: 

$23.81 an hour

Job Duties: 

By helping students improve their skills, tutors help them learn outside of the classroom and help them learn more effectively. Students will be allowed to work with tutors one-on-one so that they can be successful in their education. Tutors help students focus on specific classroom subjects, such as mathematics or history.


Getting a full-time job for a 14-year kid is difficult, but they can generate income from other opportunities. A babysitter is a good option if you are kind to kids, patient, and responsible.

Moreover, consult with your family if you want this job. They will help you find the family who wants to hire someone for their sitters. At the start of your career, if you engage some clients, you can charge them and make a good income.  

Average Salary:  

$10-15 an hour

Job Duties: 

They are responsible for comfortable baby handling. And involve other childcare tasks like preparing meals, changing their diapers, and putting them in bed.  

Pet Sitter:

Pet sitting is an excellent job to earn cash. Due to their busy routine, people don’t have enough time to care for their pets. Secondly, consult with your neighbors and other community members who have pets if you can easily do this job. By communicating with others, you can quickly get a business. 

Average Salary: 

$10-15 an hour

Job Duties: 

After getting employment, you are responsible for pet handling. And involve other duties like walking, feeding, exercising, caring for, and remaining comfortable with all types of pets. 

jobs for 14 year olds

House Sitter:

At 14, kids can easily do this job and make some extra cash. This job is suitable for those who are responsible and honest. There are a lot of duties involved in it. For example, some families hire sitters to care for their house in their absence.

On the other hand, some hire sitters to water the plants, take out the scrap in consignment shops, check the mail, put out the trash, and include some other valuable responsibilities. And if you are a pet lover, they ask them to take care of pets and get extra income. 


Kids can quickly get this job in their neighbors and around the community. There are many job opportunities related to lawn mowing. By doing this job, you don’t only earn cash, but it keeps you fit and go outside.

Moreover, consider some points if you are interested in doing this job. Firstly, correctly understand the customer’s requirements. All the people want different work.

For example, some desire short lawns, and some like lawns with longer grass. Before the start of work, make sure of the client’s requirements.

Secondly, there are many pieces of equipment used in Lawn mowing. Before the start of work, make sure that you have all the necessary tools in your bag. 

Thirdly, spend more time and do an excellent job to retain a client for future work. Properly trim the walkaway and all the around edges.

Jobs for 14-Year-Olds Online

3D Modeler:

If you are artistic and good at working with computers, make a lot of money by becoming a 3D modeler. You might create models for TV commercials, games, movies, and more. An animation and 3D job are perfect for a 14-year-old interested in getting into the industry.

Audio Editor:

As a teenage audio editor, you can edit anything that has been recorded and needs editing. Having a good ear and a simple editing program is all it takes for a 14-year-old to do this job.

In addition, if you’re willing to look for work hard, there are plenty of opportunities for teens to work as audio editors.


 Animating on a computer has become almost an exclusively computer-based art so that you can work as an animator as a teenager. An animation could be created for a video game, a company website, a TV show, or a movie!

As a teenage animator, you’ll work on small projects as you learn, but you can do anything you want once you’re good.

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Anyone can be a teenage blogger if a teenager has something to say and an audience. It doesn’t matter what you write; you could write about gaming, current events, politics, beauty tips, or anything else.

If you create high-quality content with lots of good information and beautiful pictures, you’ll soon gain a vast audience and get tons of money through advertising and sponsorship.

Creative Writer:

Having a good imagination and writing well a teenage creative writer is essential. Poetry, short stories, and blog posts based on actual events are all examples of creative writing.

Your writings can be published by yourself or by others online. For any 14-year-old who enjoys writing and creating exciting content, being a teenage creative writer is an excellent opportunity.

Data Entry Job:

Several companies need help transferring data from different types of files so teenage data entry specialists can earn a living.

A teenager can find work as a data entry specialist because it’s an effortless job that involves copying and pasting information. It’s not something that can be done on a computer.

Graphic Designer:

It is possible to become a graphic designer if you have a good eye for making colorful, eye-catching designs. Whether it’s designing logos for companies or infographics, you’ll also need creativity.

A 14-year-old capable of creating graphic design work can find plenty of companies and individuals that hire them for their projects.


Teenage illustrators can make much money since computers will never replace them. Create artwork for websites, television commercials, magazines, and books if you are good at drawing or using a computer program. Teenage illustrators can earn more money as they gain experience.

Internet Researcher:

Why not get paid to be an internet researcher at 14 if you spend much time online? If you’re good at this job, you’ll get paid to look up information for people or companies.

Needing more time to find what they need, such as contact information or prices. As a teenager, you can work as an internet researcher on several websites.

Logo Designer:

A teenage designer can make money by designing logos for businesses and websites. As long as you’re willing to work hard and follow directions, there will always be work available for a 14-year-old logo designer, though you will need to be creative and know how to use a computer. 

Mobile App Developer:

Teenagers can make good money as mobile app developers. People rely more on apps for information. Sometimes, businesses require apps to share information about their business or communicate with customers.

You may decide to make your own game and monetize it to earn cash. It doesn’t matter which way you make mobile apps. Once you’re good at them, you can make a lot of money.

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Music Reviewer:

You can make money by reviewing music if you love listening. Record companies and new artists need feedback before they release their music so they can improve it. Sign up on a website and start listening if you want to be a teenage music reviewer.


Get your camera and take pictures if you want to be a teenage photographer. As a teenage photographer, earn money if you’re willing to work hard and take high-quality pictures of what companies will buy. Having received your pictures, you can upload them to your website and wait until someone buys them.

Social Media Influencers:

A social media account like Facebook or Twitter is all you need to become a teenage social media influencer.

The great thing about this work is that teens can earn money simply by posting links for companies on social media sites once they have a lot of followers. As well as maintaining your site, you’ll have to manage your social media accounts.

online jobs for 14 year olds

T-Shirt Designer: 

Creating interesting t-shirt design ideas will help you make money as a teenage t-shirt designer, then uploading them for people to buy. Your teenage t-shirt design will become popular once people start buying it. It is just a matter of making sure what you create is unique and something people will want to buy

Textbook Seller:

Being a teenage textbook seller doesn’t require you to attend college. It is much easier to sell textbooks online if you find cheap ones.

14-year-olds could do this if they were willing to hunt for cheap textbooks through second-hand stores and garage sales. Once you’ve uploaded them to a textbook-selling site, ensure they arrive safely after selling.


It is an online website that offers different rewards and bonuses for completing tasks. For example, in a task, you have to complete surveys, do online shopping, watch videos, solve puzzles, and more.

14-year-old kids easily earn money by using this website. There is not any restriction while using this online medium. After winning the rewards, they can redeem them for gift cards and choose other options. 

Become a Virtual Assistant:

It is the popular online job option among teenagers and kids worldwide. Interested individuals get this job using different online mediums like Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

Employees are responsible for handling business emails, phone calls, meetings, creating graphics, social media posting, etc.  


Farmhand is an excellent job for those with some farm experience and who love working with animals. In a job, they are responsible for feeding, caring for, gathering eggs, cleaning stalls, and other chores. You can also help your family if they have a farm and find a job nearby. 

Pool Cleaner:

A pool cleaner is an outdoor job and is suitable for active kids. They are responsible for brushing the walls, vacuuming, cleaning, emptying the skimmer baskets, and maintaining the poll.

Secondly, while cleaning the pool, they may use some chemicals. Get the pool cleaner job in your neighbors and find it in the community. You can also use online mediums to find a job in your nearer areas. 

Which Companies Hire 14 Year Old

Many under-the-table job opportunities exist for 14-year-old kids, and many businesses are interested in hiring younger teens. You can quickly get a job in a grocery store, restaurant, and sales associate if you know how to operate a cash register.

Following are the 12 best jobs companies that hire at 14.


Ross is one of America’s most popular home accessory and clothing stores, with 1,523 branches nationwide. They deal in fashion, lifestyle, and home-related products.

In a store, many job opportunities are available for all age groups. For example, you can work as a stocker, customer service assistant, and cashier. Click on the stated button to find Ross stores near you. 


It is the largest and most well-known fast-food chain restaurant in America. A 14-year kid can get fry cooks, cashiers, and other staff jobs in many states. They provide different benefits to employees.

For example, they offer their staff free meals in all shifts to enjoy their desired chicken free of cost. If you want to work there, click the stated button to find Chick-fil-A restaurants near you. 


Publix is an American supermarket chain that was founded in 1930. In a store, you can work as a cashier, stocker, bagger, and customer service assistant. Click on the stated button to find Publix supermarkets near you.


It is an American fast-food restaurant chain with 878 locations across the country. They deal in burgers and frozen foods. This family-friendly restaurant is available in many big cities in the United States.

There are many job opportunities for 18 –year kids, like cashier, fry cook, etc. interested individuals; click on the stated button to find the Culver’s restaurant near you.

Six Flags:

It is an amusement park organization with 27 parks in different states of the United States. Kids can work over there as fast food servers, ticket counters, janitors, and many more.

They offer different opportunities to their workers. For example, employees can enjoy seasonal ticket passes, special discounts on their items, and many more.

Dairy Queen:

Dairy Queen is an American food chain that offers delicious ice cream and fast food items across the United States. Kids can work there as fry cooks, cashiers, order takers, and many more.

If you are interested in working in the Dairy Queen restaurant. Click on the provided button to find the Dairy Queen restaurants near you.


A fast-food restaurant chain hires teenagers and 18-year-old kids as cooks, cashiers, janitors, etc. This food chain has 3300 restaurants across the country. A free meal is provided to the employees on all shifts. The only drawback to working there is that the restaurant authorities do not pay good money.


IHOP (International House of Pancakes) provides 24/7 services to its customers. For example, you can enjoy their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Morning and afternoon time is the busiest time in restaurants.

Kids or young teenagers work over there as dish cleaners, janitors, servers, or cooks. Click on the provided button to find the IHOP restaurants near you.


It is a famous retail company in the United States that hire kids for the position of cashier, bagger, customer service assistant, and stocking specialist. The company has 2849 stores across the country. Click on the provided button to find the Kroger supermarkets near you.

Giant Food:

It is an American supermarket chain that hires 14-year kids and teenagers regularly. In a departmental or retail store, work as a bagger, stocking specialist cashier, customer service assistant, and more. Click on the provided button to find any Giant Food stores near you.


McDonald’s is a good job option for responsible teenagers and 14-year-old kids. Job duties include ordering taker, handling money, customer service assistant, preparing food, and dish cleaner.

Secondly, they offer different facilities to young workers, like tuition assistance, special discounts, and scholarships.


State of Montana’s kids get a job at Starbucks at 14. However, if you belong to other states except Montana, so you must be age 16.

What are the Pros and Cons of getting a job when you are young


  • Earn quick money before completing graduation and high school studies. 
  • Learn customer service and communication skills.
  • It will increase your resume value.
  • Learn modern work experience.
  • Easily fulfill all your domestic and education expenses.
  • It’s a great way to generate passive income.
  • It will make you mature in early life.


  • It will make your life boring due to the busy work routine.
  • There is less time to study and do your homework.
  • Added many responsibilities before maturity. 

What Jobs Pay the Most at 14?

In What Places or Occupations are those Under 16 Not Permitted to Work

  • Meat preparation
  • Manufacturing
  • Goods processing
  • Mining 
  • Construction

Tips for How to Get a Job at 14

There are many ways to get 14 year old job. Some of them are as follows;

  • Firstly, talk with your parents, family members, and friends that they know about any job opportunity in a business or establishment where they work.
  • Secondly, use different online mediums to explore job opportunities.
  • Thirdly, search for a job in a local newspaper.
  • Fourthly, find more job options in a local Chamber of Commerce.
  • When you get your desired job, prepare for an interview. 

What’s an Ideal First Job for a 14-Year-Old?

  • Walk and sit pets.
  • Computer programs
  • Pool Cleaner
  • Babysitter
  • Dish cleaner
  • Customer Assistant
  • Leaves cleaner in yards
  • Cashier in any retail shop
  • Stockiest
  • Wipe tables in restaurants
  • Tutor kids 

What are the Best Apps for A 14-Year-Old to Find a Job?

  • Swagbucks
  • Survey Junkie 
  • Fiverr
  • Care.com
  • Mistplay
  • Skratch Gig
  • And more.

How to prepare for job interviews?

At 14, employers ask elementary and common questions during the interview. For a job interview, your parents and friends help you prepare for the interview and get comfortable results.

Secondly, before appearing in the interview, you must consider some essential points for a good impression. Some of the best points are as follows to increase your confidence.

  • Use formal and appropriate dress.
  • Reach on time.
  • Well prepared for all the questions about your qualification and the reason for doing the job.
  • Know about your position and role in the company.
part time jobs for 14 year olds

What are the Summer Jobs for 14-Year-Olds?

  • Gardener
  • Garage Cleaner
  • Model
  • Baker
  • Household Assistant
  • Mascot
  • Plant Sitter
  • Water Salesman
  • Yard Sale Assistant

What are the Winter Jobs for 14-Year-Olds?

  • Car Snow Remover
  • Artist
  • Gift Wrapper
  • Hot Chocolate Salesman
  • Gift Basket Creator
  • Holiday Decorator
  • Log Splitter
  • Snow Shoveler

State Requirements for Working at 14

All the states have different legal requirements for hiring young kids. At the federal level, the minimum age of work is 14 years. Depending on the state, they have different paperwork requirements to get the job efficiently. 

Work permit requirements by state:

Sr. No.StateRequirements
1AlaskaA work permit is necessary for all young employees with a guardian’s or both parents’ signatures.
2ArkansasA work permit is required, signed by parents and guardians for confirmation.
3ArizonaWork permits are not required for workers 14 and older.
4AlabamaComplete the work permit by the official authorities of the school.
5CaliforniaA work permit is required and signed by parents and field by a school official.
6ConnecticutGet the working papers from school that are signed and filled.
7ColoradoA work permit is not required from minors.
8District of ColumbiaA prospective employer, school, parent, or legal guardian must sign a work permit.
9DelawareBoth parents, employer, and guardian sign a work permit. Secondly, filed by the local Affirmative of Labor office and school.
10FloridaA work permit is not necessary for minors.
11GeorgiaA work permit is necessary for all young employees with a guardian’s or both parents’ signatures.
12HawaiiRequires a work permit signed by a legal guardian and both parents.
13IndianaRequired a work permit for teens from 14 to 17 issued by an accredited school.
14IdahoA work permit is not necessary for minors.
15IowaA work permit is required for 14 to 15-year-old kids. And signed with employers and both parents. 
16IllinoisRequires a work permit completed by the school superintendent or the issuing officer.
17KansasA work permit is required for 14 to 15-year-old employees if they are not studying in any secondary school.
18KentuckyA permit is not necessary, but employers must have age proof.
19LouisianaAn employment certificate application is necessary, filled out by the issuing authority, guardian, or parents.
20MarylandRequired a work permit filled by the minor, employer, guardian, or parent.
21MichiganA work permit is required for minor employees. And signed by employers, school officials, and both parents or guardians. 
22MaineRequired a work permit signed by the school, guardian, or parent.
23MinnesotaNo need for a work permit for minors. Only required age proof.
24MissouriThe parents and employer required a work certificate and a statement of intent. And issued by the superintendent or principal.
25MassachusettsAll young employees need a permit approved by a doctor and superintendent.
26MississippiA work permit is necessary for young employees to work in mills, canneries, factories, or workshops.
27MontanaNo need for a work permit
28NevadaNo need for a work permit from 14-year employees.
29New YorkRequired an application for working papers from minor workers with the signature of a legal guardian or a parent.
30New JerseyAn employment certificate is necessary for all workers under the age of 18. The school and legal guardian or parent file it.
31NebraskaAn employment certificate is necessary to be filed and signed by the school superintendent.
32New HampshireRequired a youth implement certificate issued by the employer.
33New MexicoOnline filling out a work permit authorized by a superintendent or the employee’s principal.
34North CarolinaRequired a work certificate completed by the employer, legal guardian, or parents.
35OhioRequired a work permit with the signature of the employer and legal guardian or parent.
36OregonNo need for a work permit
37OklahomaRequired a work form with the signature of the minor, employer, school principal, and legal guardian or parent.
38PennsylvaniaRequired a work form completed by the minor, employer, legal guardian, or parent.
39Rhode IslandRequired a special limited permit with work application complete by legal guardian or parent.
40South DakotaNeed a work permit.
41South CarolinaNeed a work permit.
42TennesseeNo need for a work permit.
43TexasNeed a work permit.
44UtahNeed a work permit.
45VirginiaComplete an employment certificate application with the signature of the teen, employer, and parents
46VermontRequired a work form completed by the minor, school, legal guardian, or parent.
47WisconsinThe permit fee is $10 and requires written consent.
48WashingtonRequired a work form completed by the minor, school, legal guardian or parent.
49West VirginiaRequired a complete form with the signature of the county superintendent, principal, teen, employer, and parents.
50WyomingNo need for a work permit.


Getting a job by researching 14 to 15-year-old kids is not difficult. Jobs develop many skills and are helpful for a bright future. 


Q. What’s the minimum age to get a job in the US?

The minimum age to get any non-agriculture job in the United States is 14. 

Q. How many hours can a 14-year-old work in a day?

According to the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act), the law permits 14-year-old employees to work only 3 hours during school days.

Q. What are the jobs for 14-year-olds that pay well?

  • Website Developer
  • Blogger
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Logo Designer

Q. How many hours can a 14-year-old work in a week?

The law permits to work only 18 hours weekly during school days.

Q. How much do 14-year-olds get paid?

Employers pay $4.25 an hour to 14-year-old kids during the first 90 days of the job. After completing this period, the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

Q. What’s the latest a 14-year-old can work?

The working rules are stringent, and they can only work at 7 pm.

Q. What are some excellent job ideas for a shy 14-year-old?

Online jobs are a good idea for shy workers because they work alone.

Q. At what age can someone be a lifeguard?

According to FLSA, the minimum age for a lifeguard is 15 years.

Q. Does Chick-fil-A Hire at 14?

Yes, they hire the 14-year-old teenager. 

Q. Can a 14-year-old work at Mcdonald’s?

Yes, they work in Mcdonald’s as a dish cleaner.

Q. What is the Employment Law for a 14-Year-old?

  • They cannot work in an industrial estate or factory.
  • They cannot work in pubs.
  • They cannot work in betting shops.
  • They cannot work in dangerous places.

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