10 Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods 2024

Looking for the highest-paying employment opportunities in capital goods? Jobs in the capital goods industry can vary widely in terms of pay, depending on location, experience level, and the industry’s specific role.

For lucrative careers, the capital goods industry is an attractive choice for individuals. The company plays a vital role in the global economy. Many rewarding career paths are available for individuals, whether they are looking for a more seasoned or entry-level position.

The article will be very beneficial for interested readers because here we will discuss the top 10 good-paying jobs in the capital goods industry. We will also explore various job types, their financial rewards, and their functions.

What Is The Capital Goods Industry? 

A capital good is a product that is used to produce other services or goods but does not become part of the new product. The example of capital goods is as follows.

  • Textile machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Construction & mining equipment
  • Process plant equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Electrical equipment
  • Printing & packaging machinery 

What Companies are in the Capital Goods Field?

Many companies are in this field because these businesses have considerable market dominance in the US and worldwide. Some of the top companies are as follows.

  • Electronics industry.
  • Automotive industry.
  • Chemicals industry.
  • Textile industry. 
  • Machinery industry.

10 Best-Paying Jobs in Capital Goods

best paying jobs in capital goods

Engineering Manager:

Median National Salary$152,350 Annually
Job Growth  2020 – 20302%
Job Outlook4%
Education RequiredBachelor’s Degree in Engineering

An engineering manager is responsible for the company’s many engineering activities. It includes coordinating, directing, designing, planning, implementing, and developing capital goods.

The engineering manager is also in charge of the engineer’s team and supervises all department employees to complete a project successfully.

Software Developer:

Median National Salary$110,140 Annually
Job Growth  2020 – 203022%
Job Outlook22%
Education RequiredBachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

A software developer manages all the capital goods company’s functions smoothly and has a significant role in company performance. This job is suitable for those who have a technical background.

A software developer is responsible for working with computer software. They also create, design, and manage computer programs and apps that help to run the company more efficiently.

Mechanical Engineer:

Median National Salary$95,300 Annually
Job Growth  2020 – 203010%
Job Outlook7%
Education RequiredBachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

The main job of mechanical engineers is to enhance the company’s electrical and mechanical systems. They are also responsible for researching, supervising, and planning product production processes.

Management Analyst:

Median National Salary$93,000 Annually
Job Growth  2020 – 203011%
Job Outlook14%
Education RequiredBachelor’s Degree in Business or Engineering

The main aim of management analysts is to provide different ways to improve a company’s capital goods efficiency. Using financial and manufacturing data, management analysts design more efficient production processes to maximize economic opportunities.

Manufacturing Director:

Median National Salary$98,890 Annually
Job Growth  2020 – 20308%
Education RequiredBachelor’s degree

The Manufacturing Director focuses on enhancing the company’s product production. In addition, they are also responsible for monitoring inventory, developing new products, and ensuring the manufacturing process is completed on time and as planned.

Applying for this position requires a minimum of 10 years of experience. The interested candidate also needs problem-solving, leadership, communication, and management skills.

Warehouse Worker:

Median National Salary$30,320 Annually
Job Growth  2020 – 20306%
Education RequiredHigh school diploma

A warehouse worker is a high-demanding job, requiring much stamina and physical work. They oversee the company’s different tasks, including placing orders, taking care of the packaging, checking the inventory, restocking shelves, and preparing orders for delivery.

A warehouse worker is also responsible for helping co-workers ensure the orders are dispatched as planned.

Robotics Engineer:

Median National Salary$95,300 Annually
Job Growth  2020 – 20302%
Education RequiredBachelor’s degree

Good technical knowledge is required to get this job. A robotics engineer works in different business sectors. They also need creativity, active learning, programming, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills to get the role.

A robotics engineer oversees the concept, design, implementation, analysis, maintenance, and testing of the robots and their framework.

Electrical Engineer:

Median National Salary$101,780 Annually
Job Growth  2020 – 20303%
Job Outlook7%
Education RequiredBachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers supervise the electrical systems and the design of a business organization to fulfill the production facilities. They design, create, and maintain the custom-made equipment used in production.

The duties of an electrical engineer also include applying knowledge of electricity and materials, creating and conducting research programs, ensuring the quality of products, and preparing to conduct research.

Sales Engineer:

Median National Salary$90,000 Annually
Job Growth  2020 – 20307%
Education RequiredBachelor’s degree

A sales engineer is responsible for selling products, finding new clients, marketing, building good customer relations, and negotiating deals. To get more sales, they use different technical skills.

They tell the customers their product has more features than the other company’s. A sales manager must have presentation, technical understanding, communication, and problem-solving skills.

General & Operations Manager:

Median National Salary$98,890 Annually
Job Growth  2020 – 20306%
Education RequiredBachelor’s degree

The general and operations manager is a senior-level position in most companies. They have problem-solving, strategic thinking, planning, decision-making, and guiding skills effectively.

Their role varies in each company. In some companies, they manage the entire company operation. In some places, they control the day-to-day operations, and in some companies, they follow both systems.

Pros and Cons of Working in Capital Goods


  • Excellent work-life balance.
  • Lucrative salary.
  • Personally enriching work.
  • Career advancement opportunities.
  • High-paying entry-level roles are available.


  • Labor-intensive role.
  • Require upper education.

What are the Benefits of Capital Goods Jobs?

  1. Medical insurance
  2. Retirement plans
  3. Dental Insurance
  4. Tuition reimbursement
  5. Vision insurance
  6. Vacation days

Resources To Find The Best Paying Jobs In Capital Goods

  • Online job boards
  • Professional Organization
  • Websites of firms
  • Collage Career Centers
  • Internships

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