How To Find OnlyFans Model Release Form?

Looking for comprehensive details on the OnlyFans Model Release Form 2257? Don’t worry; you are in the right spot. In 2024, OnlyFans has taken great measures to prevent creators from posting content featuring “co-stars” without proper account verification

As an OnlyFans creator, it’s necessary to understand the importance of the model release form to protect your earnings and content. The company has recently flagged much older OnlyFans content after AI algorithms discovered more than one co-star. However, creators did not tag verified accounts or submit model release forms for them.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans, founded in 2016 and in a short time, gained huge success by attracting millions of users and creators from several industries. It allows users to earn money by monetizing their accounts after building a dedicated fanbase.

Here you will find different types of content creators, such as musicians, adults, artists, cooking experts, fitness enthusiasts, etc. To maintain a secure and transparent environment for all users, using an OnlyFans Release Form is an essential component.

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What is the OnlyFans Model Release Form PDF 2024?

It is a legally binding document that contains the terms and conditions under which creators grant specific rights and permissions to the platform and other content creators.

The primary purpose of this document is to ensure that creators retain ownership of their intellectual property while granting necessary rights to interact with, view, and distribute their content.

Having a release form is necessary if another person appears in your content. Don’t feature someone else video or images on your profile because the account allows you only to feature yourself. Otherwise, the company may permanently suspend or restrict your profile.

However, if you want to feature someone’s content, you need a model release form of that person with an ID. You can use Quick2257 and Model Releaser to sign the form.

All images and videos uploaded by users should be protected from privacy and copyright issues. They should also ensure the model release form is legal and in English.

Legally two things are required whenever you upload a picture or video on OnlyFans that involves a “co-star.”

  • Firstly, you officially require co-stars’ consent if you want to post any content.
  • Secondly, Onlyfans can cross-check to access your co-star’s legal age.

OnlyFans gives you two options to prove your co-star’s legal age and that you have their consent.

  • In your content, simply “tag” the verified OnlyFans account of your co-star. It is a simple and convenient option because this platform will take care of the model release form after tagging your content.
  • On the other hand, in the absence of a verified co-star’s account, manually submit the model release form signed by the co-star.

How to Get the Model Release Form?

The platform protects the users who work with co-stars. It is simple to generate the Model Release Form.

  • Firstly, go to the main screen and click the button to get the form.
  • After that, input how many signers and what performance name they should use. This won’t appear on any of your fan feeds.
  • Then share the OnlyFans-created link with co-stars, and they will verify their identity using a selfie photo and ID document.
  • After authenticating a document from co-stars, tag them in any of their related posts. Don’t worry if you upload content without tagging them; they will protect you with their handy reminder system.

Tips to Fill Out the Form

  • Provide all the required information.
  • Using the Get Form’s signature cross or checkmark tool, check off each item in the list boxes.
  • After that, give answers to all the questions in Yes or No.
  • Next, to enhance security, include an electronic signature.
  • Let your creativity flow as you choose how you want to sign, whether you type, draw digitally, or upload an image of your handwriting.
  • In the end, submit your form by clicking on the Done button.

How Long does it take to Verify the Model Release form on OF?

The average time to get the model release form is 3 to 7 days, and they will inform you when it’s done. Remember that the platform will automatically delete your content if you don’t submit a verified model release form. It is recommended to upload content after getting permission from OnlyFans.

Things Allowed in OnlyFans

  • The minimum age limit to use this platform is 18 or older.
  • Follow all legal guidelines to avoid any issues.
  • Use your account responsibly.

Things Not Allowed in OnlyFans

  • Users are not permitted to use shared accounts. Each account is intended for individual use only.
  • Posting libellous, violent, or fraudulent material is strictly forbidden.
  • Livestreams are not allowed on this platform.
  • Any promotion of self-harm or suicide is strictly prohibited.

Can you make money on OnlyFans without showing your face?

The authors can complete the verification process using passport information without revealing their true names or faces. This platform makes it accessible to make money from home without showing your face.

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