About Jessica

Hi! My name is Jessica Arnold!

Savvy Budget Now is my little online activity, where I share my personal experiences after extensive research on budgeting, investing, and entrepreneurship expertise. I also discuss practical tips on managing, saving, and making money. I faced many financial challenges in the past, so I realized the importance of financial literacy. My ultimate goal is to help readers in achieving financial empowerment and success.

Topics Covered 

Money Management: 

I provide comprehensive guidance on budgeting, tracking expenses, and creating financial plans that easily align with your goals. Readers will also learn how to optimize cash flow, reduce debt, and achieve financial stability.

Making Money: 

If you’re seeking ways to increase your income, follow the shared strategies for starting a successful side business, exploring freelance opportunities, or investing in income-generating assets.

Saving Money:

I assist readers in discovering practical ways to save money without sacrificing their quality of life. You will explore smart shopping, frugal living, and finding creative ways to cut expenses.

Jessica joined savvybudgetnow in 2022 as a Content Analyst. An MBA-Finance graduate from Alaska Pacific University with three years of experience. She is a seasoned content writer specializing in finance niches and has worked as a content writer with Yahoo Finance, adding to her extensive expertise. Follow her on Twitter (@JessicaArn97) and LinkedIn (@jessica-arnold-53132120b)