52 Best Creative Staycation Ideas When You Can’t Travel [2024]

Are you seeking the best staycation ideas to enjoy more fun with fewer resources or time?

Don’t worry; we compile 52 simple and helpful ideas to make your free time more luxurious. While staying on the budget, all the ideas are equally beneficial, even if you are single, with your family, friends, or partner.

Read the content for valuable information, and use the following ideas to make your trip more memorable. 

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What Is A Staycation

Let’s get started;

It means a stay-at-home vacation that is different from a vacation. Go for a local trip by staying close to your home. There is no need to go far away to spend some time. 

Summer is the best time to spend holidays, but it could be expensive if you don’t make a plan before visiting. According to some research, approximately 70% of Americans go into debt while paying for a vacation. 

Take a staycation and experience the same as if you were on holiday. It is a beautiful emission from your daily routine and doesn’t involve visiting abroad.

Staycations have always been a convenient option for taking time off and relaxing. It is because they can take some time off from work and not have to go on vacation.

Why are Staycations Cheaper Than Vacations

In today’s economy, a staycation is becoming popular for many reasons. People love it because it is considered the best and cheapest vacation option. Some more advantages are as follows.

Stay Close to Home:

On staycation, you don’t have to travel abroad or to other far places around the country. It allows you to stay close to home, which can save expenses on transportation costs, and as a result, you can save many dollars.

Save Money By Eating Meals At Home:

During vacations, people often like to eat out, which can be expensive. On a staycation, you are close to home and love to eat home-cooked meals, which can save many dollars.

Skip Expensive Transportation Costs:

People use different means of transportation like cars, taxis, and other mediums to visit their destinations during vacations, which is costly.

Whereas, if you choose a staycation, you have to spend less money on transportation. Because you are close to your home and can visit by using your car or public transport, which saves many dollars.

Free Local Activities:

Different events and activities are organized in your community or near your home. Save money by participating in that activities if you are on staycation.

Staying At Home Or In An Airbnb:

People often choose a hotel and resort on vacation; that is an expensive option and disturbs your budget.

On a staycation, use an affordable Airbnb and go to your home because you are nearer to the home location. As a result, it will save money because it is cheaper than the hotel.

summer staycation idea

Staycation at Home

Here are some of the best and cheapest ideas for a staycation by staying at home.

Have an Indoor Picnic:

Picnics are undoubtedly fun, relaxing, and an excellent notion for a staycation. Choose a comfortable spot at home and enjoy several delicious dishes by ordering them from a restaurant or preparing them at home. 

For an indoor picnic, use floor pillows while sitting comfortably on the ground. Use cheese, ice cream, bread, BBQ, and refreshing drinks for quality time.

Share stories to relax with your friends or family. Whether you eat alone, with mates, or with family, these options are good.

Home Spa Day:

Spa days are a good option for body relaxation and beauty improvement during a staycation. If you don’t go to the local spa center, get a spa at home. Some essential items like facial masks, oil, and bubble balls are necessary to get an aromatic bath at home.

After a hot shower, put on your moisturizer and wrap yourself in your robe. I suggest you spend more time in your robe on spa days than usual.

Use a towel if you do not have a robe. We often stuff our skin into clothes before letting it completely dry during a shower. 

Secondly, freshen yourself with pedicures and manicures. Make sure you choose the right outfit, get a cup of tea, and relax. 

Outdoor Backyard Movie Night:

DIY backyard movie theatres are a more accessible and cheaper source of fun. Get a projector from the market or borrow it from friends or family.

Take your laptop and projector, select a movie with a holiday theme, and find a blank wall or sheet to telecast video. A projector, sound system, chairs, or drinks are necessary to spend quality time in the backyard staycation setup.

Moreover, make the most of your summer evening by inviting your friends & neighbors and asking them to bring their stuff.

Setting up the projector in your Airbnb rental instead of bringing the projector on vacation will still allow you to enjoy this activity.

family staycation ideas

Make a New Hobby A Part of Your Life:

Would you like to try a hobby you have always wanted but did not have the time to do? As soon as you get back from your staycation, you can put it to the test.

For almost anything you would like to attempt, you can watch several instructional videos online that will teach you how to learn that skill.

You could try many things, such as calligraphy, embroidery, painting, crocheting, making bath bombs, baking, etc. Taking a cooking class or learning a new language while on vacation is also possible.

Outdoor Staycations Ideas

Visit Our Virtual Tour Now:

Want to visit the city of lights or the London Eye but could not go due to a shortage of funds or time? A virtual tour makes it possible to explore your desired location worldwide and have fun without leaving your home.

Enjoying online tours alone at home or with friends will be great. Many options are available for you to visit your desired location.

Set up a sofa, screen, drinks, snacks, and other items to enjoy scenic spots. There will be an enhanced experience if you wear virtual reality goggles, providing a more immersive experience. In addition to the audio tours, some national parks also offer them.

Hiking in the mountains:

Undoubtedly, hiking is among the most excellent options, regardless of your experience. Walking outdoors and enjoying the pleasant surroundings.

Use different online mediums to find the most convenient and beautiful places or trails close to your home.

The easiest way to avoid a problematic hike is to choose a nearby meadow or woodland to hike from side to side. It is if you do not want your hike to be too challenging. Hiking gadgets will keep you safe and ensure a memorable hiking experience.

Summer Staycation Ideas

Here are a few tips that you can follow during the summer season. 

Glamping Trip:

Glamping is the alternative to camping, but it’s even better. Enjoy all the home comforts and facilities of a hotel.

You can do glamping in your backyard or go to a destination place for comfort. Set up a camp, and fill it with bedspreads, pillows, chairs, and whatever you have. 

You can make the space as comfortable as you want. I recommend getting takeout from the restaurant you love the most and enjoying it together while snuggling up in front of the TV. It is a bonus that the bathrooms are nearby, unlike when you are camping.

Go to the beach:

Spending some leisure time at the nearest beach is an affordable staycation idea. At the beach, enjoy the sun, relax, and get away.

You have good fortune if you have a beach close to your home. However, you can visit the pool if you don’t have a beach nearby. 

Visit A National Park:

A national park is the most adventurous staycation idea. Explore beautiful nature and enjoy the fantastic scenery sights at day or night. Many parks charge no entry fees, so enjoy it without paying a single penny.

Take A Road Trip:

A road trip is the best way to explore all the beautiful sights and places during your visit. You can go to the nearby or own city and visit the best places.

Before starting a road trip, explore the famous places where you want to go. For example, visit the national park, local attractions and enjoy the landscape’s beauty. 

staycation meaning

Go Birdwatching:

Go outside from your home with your family or loved ones and enjoy the beautiful nature. 

Take A Boat Tour:

Hire a jet or boat if you have a pool or land with enough water nearby your home. And enjoy the whole day by spending time on the water. 

Challenge Your Friends:

Organize a sports tournament and invite your friends and family members. It is good if you are an athlete because this activity makes you strong, healthy, and active. Challenge your friends in different sports and spends quality time.

Visit A Farmer’s Market:

Visit the farmer’s market and meet your neighbors during your staycation. You can also get fresh fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. Meet different people at the farmer’s market and get unique experiences. 

staycation ideas

Organize A Family Reunion:

A family reunion is a great idea during a staycation. Organize a meet-up at your home and invite friends, family, neighbors and loved ones. Serve them a potluck meal and enjoy their company.

Moreover, it is recommended that before inviting friends or family members, make some rules and make sure everyone follows the guidelines. Include the following rules to make the reunion time more enjoyable.

  • No smartphone
  • No email
  • No working from home
  • No television
  • No worrying
  • No cleaning
  • No independent activities or outside plans
  • No fighting
  • No cooking
  • No laundry

Single Staycations Ideas

Here are the best solo ideas to go out and save enough money. 

Read A Good Book:

Due to their busy routines life, many people have less time to read good books. It is a wonderful experience, so take full advantage of your staycation.

Secondly, it is the best option for those who might be curious to read something challenging and exciting. 

It is recommended that after taking a bath in the afternoon, sit on the comfortable sofa and read your desired book or paper to spend time. If you don’t have your desired book at home, freely get it from Kindle or use other platforms.  


Visit Local Museums:

Museums are a great source of knowledge. Individuals can get information about art, culture, and history. Many museums charge no fees from the visitors and offer different discounts. If you have that kind of museum nearby your house, enjoy the tour at lower prices or save money. 

Take A Cooking Class:

This option is suitable for those who love cooking meals. Learn the art of cooking different new dishes. For example, if you like pasta and sushi, learn how to make them using different online mediums. 

Visit A Film Festival:

If you are alone, watching a movie is a fantastic way to spend time without boredom. Go to a cinema or at festivals to watch your favorite new and independent movies.

Take a Dance Class:

Due to the busy routine life if you don’t have time to become a dancer. It is the best time for dance lovers to learn new techniques and moves, even if they don’t have little information. Visit the nearest dance studio to get classes.

Moreover, use online mediums to watch dance videos and read dance magazines to get free knowledge. It will make you healthy, improve flexibility, reduce weight, and reduce stress.

Explore City:

If you live in a big city, there are many places you have not visited before, so it is an excellent chance to explore the new places around the city. For example, explore neighbors, nightlife, and other attractive places. 

Immerse Yourself In A New Culture:

Learn new and unfamiliar things like reading books, listening to music, watching movies, and trying delicious food. Learning new things and being aware of the new culture is helpful. 

Romantic Staycation Activities For Couples

In the following section, there are some romantic ideas that you can use to enjoy with your couples.

staycation ideas

Enrol In An Online Art Course:

There is nothing wrong with taking art classes if you are not the best artist. There are many fun and creative things that you can do with your loved one to bring some excitement to your relationship.

It doesn’t matter how good a painter you are. The success you get at the end of a class is extraordinary.

You and your partner can explore how you can release your inner artist together. It is the world at your fingertips. You can start with an online class to catch into the daily drawing routine.

Stay In A Local Bed And Breakfast:

It is an excellent option to relax with your couple without getting away. Use the local bed and breakfast to enjoy the experience of a different place.

Have A Picnic:

Go out with your partner for a picnic and spend time together to enjoy life’s memorable moments. Prepare a meal or snacks at home, and take it to a local park to enjoy the best romantic picnic lunch. 

Make Dinner Together:

If you love cooking, it is a great way to spend quality time with your partner. For example, collaboratively prepare your favorite dishes to enjoy the company.

Go For A Hike:

Why not go for a hike with your partner if you love hiking? It is a good option and makes you strong or healthy. Freely visit the national park and learn about animals, creatures, and plants. 

Learn Something New:

There are many ways to learn new things in today’s online world, like conducting classes at the weekend. Here are a few more ideas that you can do with your partner.

  • Learn to make specialty cocktails.
  • Practice the art of bonsai cultivation
  • Learn to make Fondue
  • Learn to make hot sauce
  • Make a hand cast
  • Practice your barista skills

Benefits of a Romantic Staycation

  • Reduce stress.
  • No need to break the bank or the budget.
  • No need to spend hours online coordinating flights, car rentals, and tickets.
  • No fighting the crowds or traffic
  • No need to pull out your luggage and packing list.
  • No rushing to the airport and standing in security lines.
  • You are together

Staycation Ideas for Families

It is expensive if you have family and kids during vacation. We compile the best ideas you can follow if you have families along your trip. 

family staycation ideas

Enjoy A Day At The Amusement Park:

Visiting an amusement park may not be for everyone. Whereas, if you are a fan and are close to one, see its natural environment and enjoy the experience.

In many cases, if you buy your admission tickets online or live in the area, you can receive a discount. So make sure you check what’s going on and plan accordingly.

Cooking or Baking Night:

Transform your kitchen into a dining destination if you enjoy eating around new places. Enjoy an exotic dinner right in your home with friends by trying some tasty recipes. Create a multi-course event around culture, including beverages, desserts, and decor.

Play Board Games At Night:

Board games do not have to be long and tedious Monopoly games. As a result, so many entertaining board games are designed for couples, families, and groups of friends that anyone can play.

Staycations at home are a great way to enjoy time with friends and family. You could host a game tournament or see how many board games you can play in a day if you make it interesting.

Visit A Museum:

My personal experience shows that museums are the best place to go with your kids or family because they are full of information. And your children can learn many new things.


Make Homemade Pizzas:

Many people like to eat pizza, so it is an excellent option to spend quality time with your family by making pizza at home. Get a pre-made dough or use a scratch. Then use different toppings to make pizza more delicious.

Try Geocaching:

Geocaching means exploring the hidden containers and treasures around your surroundings using GPS-enabled devices. Explore parks, the backyard, forests, underwater and urban areas to get the invisible treasures.

Go Camping:

Camping is a cheap way to spend quality time with your family and enjoy much fun, even in your backyard. If you don’t have camping tools and gear, borrow them from your family or friends. 

Go On A Scavenger Hunt:

A scavenger hunt is an excellent option to spend leisure time with your family without spending a single penny. Buy a pre-made hunt from the market or create your own. Consider some points before starting a scavenger hunt. 

  • Set up a pre-defined parameter.
  • Hide different objects
  • Create clues to their locations
  • Set a timer
  • Start the hunt

Get Crafty:

It’s a fact that everyone loves to make different stuff according to their desire. So get craft supplies and tools to make different masterpieces in their leisure time. For example, make a terrarium at home, paint rocks, birdhouses, playdough, and do gem art.  

Birthday Staycation Ideas

There are the best birthday ideas that you can follow to celebrate your birthday without spending a single penny. 

Have A Picnic In Your Backyard:

On staycations, arrange a party in the backyard and invite your friends and family members. No need to spend a lot of money on arrangements. Just lay down a blanket and serve them with your favorite picnic foods.

staycations ideas

Spend An Entire Day Outside:

This option is suitable for those who spend much of their working time at home. Go outside the home and can use different things to enjoy the fun. Some of the best things are as follows.

  • Visit the nearest beach.
  • Go for hiking
  • Check out the local dog park 
  • Visit the bestseller outdoor cafe 
  • Watch a live sporting event 

Explore A Nearby City:

If there is a nearest city and you have not explored it before, it is the best time to visit it. Find all the best places and must visit during your trip and make it memorable. 

Productive Staycation Idea

Learn a New Skill:

It is best to make your free time productive by learning new skills. For example, learn how to cook food, learn online skills, etc. Find the best courses and start learning in your free time to polish your skills. A Masterclass is the best platform to learn different new skills conveniently. 

backyard staycations

Redecorate Your Home Office:

If you are creative, decorate your home office or other places for a fantastic feeling. Get the idea from Pinterest and use other online mediums. 

Start a Side Project:

Use your free and staycation time to be more productive by starting a side hustle. For example, in your free time, start writing, start an online shop at Etsy or Shopify, sell on Amazon, proofreader, and become a graphic designer.

More Staycations Ideas

Become A New Exerciser:

Take part in a new exercise to get your blood pumping and reduce your stress or weight. Try a class you have never attended if you belong to a gym. If that is not the case, many companies offer one-off classes or a trial period.

Additionally, you can pursue training lessons and other events at your native community center. Save enough money by using a workout app at home.

Get A Room In A Local Hotel:

Consider staying at a nearby hotel, resort, or quirky bed-and-breakfast instead of pitching a tent if you want a little pampering. The perfect weekend getaway for some fresh eyes to explore your town. You also have a chance to play tourist for a couple of days.

Get The Sleep You Need:

There is no better time to catch up on sleep than now if you’re looking for relaxing staycation options at home. Spend time relaxing before bed with a hot bath or a fascinating book.

Turn off all electronics and sip a cup of herbal tea while you turn off all electronics. When you are having trouble sleeping, consider using essential oils to help you fall asleep.

The other day, I bought myself some luxurious pillows as a treat for myself. The quality of my sleep has improved a lot since I started using them.

It also helps me sleep better when I use a sleep mask and earplugs while trying to get some rest.

Organize Fun Activities For The Kids:

Fun activities are incredibly subjective, but there are infinite options regarding what you can do. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s much to choose from, whether spending the day at a water park. It is up to you to pick the one you feel most comfortable with and have fun with.

Nighttime Camping:

staycation ideas for families

Some benefits of camping are getting away from the crowds, staying close to home, and observing the stars at night. Enjoy the stunning scenery and spend the night at a scenic spot nearby. 

Various iconic American camping spots are perfect for those looking for more adventure. Unless the weather is overly cold and the skies are clear, you may not need a foldable tent if the temperatures and the skies are mild.

In modern society, we’ve nearly forgotten the magic of sleeping under the stars, assembling it as one of our favored ideas. It can be a life-changing experience that most people rarely experience.

How do you make a staycation feel special?

There are many ways to make your trip luxurious without going into debt. Some of them are as follows.

Break up your normal routine:

It is good if you live spontaneously during your trip. For example, change your normal routine, make new friends, taste different dishes, participate in adventurous activities, etc.

Go crazy:

Enjoy the trip by doing different crazy and fun activities you could not do in your regular routine life. For example, eat dessert at breakfast, host a movie festival using a projector, and go for an indoor picnic. 

Pretend you’re a tourist:

You can make your trip more luxurious if you pretend yourself to be a tourist. Then compile all the related information before visiting the city. After reaching your desired location, explore new attractive places with fresh eyes.

Invite your Friends:

During your staycation, invite your friends or family and enjoy quality time with their company.

Tips for staying on budget during your staycation

There are a few tips that you can follow to stay on your budget during the trip.

what is a staycation

Set A Budget:

The first step is creating a budget according to your income. And stick to the budget to get good results. For example, plan for food, gas, entertainment, lodging, gear, etc.

Find Local Deals:

Save money by following many staycation deals, like enjoying hotel discounts or other free activities. 

Bring Your Food:

During a staycation, save money by bringing snacks and meals from home. 

Avoid Expensive Tourist Attractions:

People can save money by avoiding expensive tourist attractions. Follow different creative cheap or free tourist attractions to enjoy more fun.  

Use Coupons:

When you are on staycation, use different shopping coupons to save a lot of money.

Have a Plan:

During a staycation, make a proper plan for your trip destination. Then explore all the best options, and stick to the plan to save money. 

How Does a Staycation Benefit You?

Generally, people think staying at home is not a vacation since they are close to home, but this is not true. If you have a limited budget, you will find staycations one of the finest holidays you can take.

As a result of travel restrictions, a staycation may also be the perfect alternative to a vacation. The stress that sometimes comes with traveling abroad is also why we don’t want to deal with it. It is because we don’t have time or interest in traveling abroad.

What do you do on a staycation at home?

You can do the following activities during a home staycation.

  • Watch the sunrise or sunset
  • Learn a new language
  • Play sports
  • Learn how to bake bread
  • Explore a nearby nature trail or park
  • Visit a museum online
  • Watch a virtual concert or Broadway show
  • Learn how to can or preserve food
  • Plant a garden
  • Binge on a TV show
  • Watch a documentary
  • Have a dance party in your living room
  • Declutter or spring clean your home

What do couples do during a staycation?

They can do the following romantic or fun activities during a staycation.

  • Take an art class
  • Build a campfire and make s’mores
  • Have a relaxing day at the beach
  • Watch each other’s favorite movies
  • Read a book together
  • Cook a meal together
  • Enjoy breakfast in bed
  • Plan a dream vacation together
  • Enjoy your favorite take-out meal by candlelight
  • Book a room at a fancy hotel
  • Go to a drive-in movie
  • Book a couple of massages


You should not feel awkward if you do not visit an exotic location. You and your friends have no competition; you do not need to one-up your friends.

Most people are in the same position as you are, and very few people have the opportunity to travel these days. Therefore, many of your friends will be willing to accompany you on your staycation. 

Undoubtedly, this will enhance the enjoyment of the event and make it even more memorable. Recording your vacation experiences and activities is an integral part of any vacation.

You will unlikely be able to exhaust all the possible vacation options if you live in an area with various available options.

It is wise never to hesitate to experience, see, and do more. There is always something more to see, do, and experience. Having good things in life to look forward to is an enjoyable experience. 


Q. What is staycation means?

A vacation to spend at home or nearby places when you lack resources or time.

Q. What can you do during a staycation?

  • You can do the following activities during your staycation.
  • Stay at a local hotel
  • Explore local tourist attractions
  • Visit a state park
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Enjoy a boat cruise
  • Try stargazing
  • Go on a pub crawl
  • Have a picnic or BBQ

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