25 Legit Websites To Get Paid For Pictures of Your Body In 2024

Are you searching for how to make money selling pictures of your body? Have you ever considered that your body could be your canvas to earn a few bucks?

In today’s online world, there are exciting opportunities for individuals to showcase their uniqueness and earn by sharing body pictures on various online platforms.

There’s a growing demand for authentic and diverse images, from fitness enthusiasts to art lovers. There are many ways to earn by selling pics of your toes, feet, hair, and ordinary selfies. To start this side hustle, you only require a good camera, a smartphone, and some confidence.

This lucrative income source is not only for females but also for men. Both are allowed to participate and sell their body pics.

Let’s explore the best platforms that empower you to monetize your body while adopting your identity and creativity.

Is It Illegal to Sell Pictures of Yourself Online?

The short answer is “No.”

If you are above 18, you can make money from your appearance or looks. Selling pictures of yourself online is not illegal.

However, consider a few things to start this business. It includes content type, age, consent, location, and platform guidelines.

If you plan to sell pictures of yourself online, it’s a good idea to consult an attorney with expertise in your jurisdiction’s laws. They can provide you with up-to-date and accurate advice.

How Much Money Can You Earn Selling Pictures of Your Body?

Providing a specific dollar amount is challenging because the amount of money you make with this business depends on several factors.

However, while starting this business, it is essential to understand your target market and maintain a professional approach to get good results.

Platform & Market:

The platform you choose to sell your pictures will significantly influence your potential earnings. Some websites cater to specific niches and audiences and largely influence demand and pricing.

You can charge more money if you use such platforms that assist in directly interacting with clients. Whereas if you use a YouTube channel or website as a medium, they will charge a specific fee for their services.


The type of pictures also matters. All the clients have different demands, whether artistic, fitness, fashion, or adult content. The more unique and high-quality your content is, the more potential buyers you might attract.

In contrast, images with poor angles, lighting, poses, and overall poor quality hardly attract customers. Starting this business with a smartphone with an excellent camera would be best.

You should arrange a decent camera and a tripod stand to take higher-quality, professional-looking photos.


The size and engagement of your audience also play a role. If you have a large social media following, you can charge more. Your content is more likely to reach interested buyers.

The Datareportal’s Global Social Media Stats Report shows that in July 2023, social media had around 4.88 billion active users, which is 60% of the world’s population. This shows the global reach of social media members.

In today’s social media world, a solid presence is necessary to get more clients and sales. Choosing the best social media platform that suits you best is recommended.

However, the most legit forums to online sell your content are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram, but it all depends on your niche.


Effective marketing and promotion of your photographs can significantly impact your potential earnings. Building a brand and reaching out to potential buyers can increase demand for your content.


The demand for your content within the market will directly affect how much you can generate revenue. If there’s a high demand for your content, you might be able to charge more money.

Get Paid For Pictures of Your Body

25 Best Websites to Get Paid for Pics Of Your Body

  1. 500px
  2. Stlylinity
  3. Etsy
  4. BentBox
  5. SmugMug
  6. Pay Your Selfie
  7. Instaprint
  8. ScoopShot
  9. FeetFinder
  10. InstaFeet
  11. Canva
  12. Getty Images
  13. FanCentro
  14. Flickr
  15. Feetify
  16. Alamy                                 
  17. Selfies
  18. PicFair
  19. Snapwire
  20. EyeEm
  21. Snaped4u
  22. IsMyGirl
  23. ExtraLunchMoney
  24. AVN Star
  25. Clashot


Body part for SellingFull body
Monthly Traffic5.124M
Upload TypesPhotos
Minimum Age 18 years
Payment MethodsACH
eCheck or Local Bank Transfer
Wire Transfer
Sign up Cost $59.88 Yearly

It is the highest-paying website in the photographer’s industry. 500px is one of the most popular platforms for selling photos online. It has around 16 million active users, some of which charge over $150 for each image.

In addition to showcasing their work, photographers can discover inspiring ideas and interact with others worldwide. It provides high-quality, pixel-perfect images. A free and paid version of 500px is available for users. If you are a beginner, you should use the free version.

However, for 500px Prime, you have to pay a fee. Exclusive license photos earn 60%, while non-exclusive images earn 30%. You can maximize your earnings because the website has cash rewards ranging from $150 to $500. Use PayPal to withdraw revenue.

Here are a few great tips to get more traffic and sales on 500px.

  • Be consistent
  • Include the related location
  • Add relevant keywords


Stylinity combines an online shopping site with a selfie app, which means you must buy clothes from their online shop, take selfies wearing them, and then upload them to share your selfies. It is best to join this forum if you love clothes, up-to-date styles, and fashion trends.

Selling pictures for cash on this shopping website is possible, but only if you purchased your outfits there. There are not any specific restrictions to upload images. Even you can upload mirror selfies.

Your photos aren’t directly sold, but you earn commissions when someone buys the products you’ve worn through your links. The commission is paid through StylePerk points, which you can redeem for their products or money.

Stylinity has around 180 stores and is considered a broader market to sell your content. The website integrates with many social media networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It allows users to share shoppable photos, which helps them attract more target audiences and drive sales.


Minimum Age 18 Years Old
Payment MethodsCredit Cards
Klarna Financing  
Etsy Gift Cards
Debit or Bank Cards
Google Pay
Etsy Credits
Apple Pay
Sign up Cost Free

Etsy is a well-known e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers of vintage, handmade, and unique items in one place. It is also used to sell your photos for cash. Around 40 million buyers from across the globe use this forum annually, and it is known as a money magnet.

Individuals use this marketplace to buy self-taken photographs, selfies, prints, and drawings. The website charges a 5% commission as a transaction fee for each sale.

In contrast to many other platforms, you only receive around 20% of each sale and 3.5% of the sale price. It is a competitive marketplace, and you must spend more time marketing your content to earn more.

Setting up your own Etsy store is best for picture marketing because it helps you to set your prices and generate more revenue.


Body part for SellingFull body
Monthly Traffic555,581M
Service RegionWorldwide
Upload TypesBoxes of photos
Boxes of videos
Any other files
Minimum Age 18 Years Old
Payment MethodsAmazon Gift Card
Bank Transfer
Sign up CostFree

It is a multimedia-sharing platform that allows users to sell and buy adult content, photos, and videos. BentBox facilitates content creators to exchange materials in exchange for payment. Users need to create accounts with a username and email address.

After making a profile, click on the upload button to post high-quality content, set prices, and then provide access to their content to interested members. You may also go to Boxes, where posted content is organized.

The platform provided a way for sellers to monetize their work and for buyers to access content from various creators. Filling the boxes with eye-catching photographs would be best to get more followers.

The good thing is that BentBox does not charge the commission on your earnings. The per-image price is around $8 to $15. Set your rate between $2 to $5 since I noticed that most people don’t sell their photos at high prices, while those who set a low price sell a lot of pictures.

Here are some tips to get more sales.

  • Use eye-catching tags.
  • Post a fresh photo after every one or two hours.
  • Follow more individuals to increase reach.
  • Upload an engaging few-second video.
Get Paid For Pictures of Your Body


Body part for SellingFull body
Service RegionWorldwide
Upload TypesPhotos
Used lingerie
Private Stories
Minimum Age 18 years old
Payment MethodsACH
Sign up CostFree

FanCentro is a platform primarily focusing on connecting content creators or models with their subscribers. It’s free to utilize some of its premium features. However, a small amount is charged for a premium membership to give access to exclusive content, including videos, photos, live streams, and more.

It enables creators to monetize their content by offering their fans exclusive content, private messaging, and other personalized experiences in exchange for subscription fees.

The website charges a 25% commission on your overall earnings. Different payment options, such as ACH, PayPal, and Wire, are available. The website has a large audience, so you will get more clients and earn a lot of money.


Signup CostPro Plan is $42 per month.
Basic Plan is $9 per month.

SmugMug is a website designed primarily for photographers, both amateurs and professionals, to sell their photography work. A 14-day free trial is offered for beginners to show off their work in exchange for money.

The website charges a 15% commission fee, and you will get 85% of your cash. SmugMug allows you to set the desired price for your content. Unlike most platforms, you keep ownership of your content and can make it public or private.

Add watermarks in your content for security measures is recommended. If you want to prevent potential buyers from using your images without purchasing, you can also limit the display size shown to them.

It was founded in 2002 and has gained popularity as a user-friendly platform for creating customizable photography websites and galleries.

Pay Your Selfie:

It is one of the most accessible platforms that pay you a few bucks online for your selfies. If you are interested in joining Pay Your Selfie, you need to take and upload your high-quality photographs by doing certain activities.

The activities might include showing off your tattoo or piercing, drinking your choice of drink, and dancing. The price of each task is 20 cents to $1. The minimum cash-out limit is $20. The minimum age to use this app is 18, which is compatible with Android and IOS devices.


Signup CostFree

It is one of the most legit platforms to earn a few bucks and has been working since 2006. Your photos are shared on your Instagram profile and linked to your Instaprints account.

Along with selling pics, be creative and print your photographs on pillows, phone cases, curtains, and greeting cards and sell them. Instaprints allows you to set your own product prices, and the platform handles other things like shipping and printing out.

The average per-photo price is around $5 to $50. The website might offer a range of customizable photo-based gifts like mugs, phone cases, keychains, and more.


Earning PotentialAround $5 per picture sold
Signup CostFree

This social media medium pays for your excellent selfies. Compared to the other platforms, you are not paid, and no payment is guaranteed in Scoopshot. Payments are not made directly. Clients directly send your content’s price to your bank account.

Scoopshot holds daily contests where the winner gets a $5 cash reward for each posted video or pics. They also offer a mobile app, making it convenient for users to capture, upload, and manage their photos, videos, and other content directly from their smartphones.


Body part for SellingFeet
Service RegionWorldwide
Upload TypesPhotos
Minimum Age 18 years or older
Payment MethodsPayPal
Sign up CostFree

It is a well-known website that supports people with a particular interest in feet, often called “foot fetishists” or “feet enthusiasts.” It is a marketplace where users can connect to share, buy, and sell foot-related content.

The content on FeetFinder is centred around the feet and may include photos, videos, or other forms of media that showcase feet. FeetFinder assists individuals to make a few bucks without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Millions of foot fetish enthusiasts monthly use this forum. You can easily make a large amount because the demand for foot content is high. If you have cute toes, silky smooth skin, or high arches, someone out there would adore them.

This admiration helps you to earn money by selling foot-related content to interested individuals worldwide. There is no need for special equipment and professional modelling experience to start this side hustle.

A smartphone with a valid internet connection is enough to take good photos. It is a 100% safe, legit, secure online forum for sellers and buyers.

Here are a few tips to be successful on this platform.

  • Build a professional profile.
  • Upload professional-looking images and videos.
  • Set reasonable content prices that attract all the customers.
  • Don’t reveal your identity.
  • Be polite.
  • Offer special discounts or promotions.
  • Focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • Be responsive.
  • Be loyal to clients.

Here are a few more platforms to sell your pics for cash.

  • Clashot
  • Snapcape
  • Photographed for You
  • Foap
  • Square peep
  • PicFlair


Body part for SellingFeet
Service RegionWorldwide
Upload TypesPhotos
Minimum Age 18 years or older
Payment MethodsPayPal
Sign up CostFree

It is a well-known platform to sell your feet photos for cash. Recently, it has gained popularity among foot enthusiasts worldwide. You can use this medium if you are above the age of 18.


It is a well-known platform with 185 million active contributors. Canva does not charge a single dollar to post content. However, a licensing fee saves 35% of every purchase. Despite the high commission, the site offers excellent exposure, ensuring you’ll get buyers.

Getty Images:

Body part for SellingFull Body
Service RegionWorldwide
Upload TypesStock Images
Editorial Photography
Minimum Age 18 years old
Payment MethodsPayPal
Sign up CostFree

It is one of the oldest platforms to sell stock photographs. Many prominent newspapers and publications have used this online medium for many decades.

Getty Images only offers exclusive content and does not allow creators to post the same content on other websites. You will get a 20% commission on each sale. 


Body part for SellingFull Body
Upload TypesPhotos
Minimum Age 18 years old

Use this medium to sell high-resolution videos and images. Flickr is suitable for both amateur and professional photographers. You can also use Flickr’s mobile application to market your content quickly from a smartphone. 

Alternative Ways to Get Paid for Pics of Your Body

Get Paid Using Stock Libraries:

It is an attractive way to make a few bucks by selling images. This method is usually suitable for beginners. Interested individuals visit these marketplaces to buy licensed photos. The most popular stock libraries include where you can sell your content.

  • AdobeStock
  • Foap
  • Shutterstock
  • Big Stock
  • Square peep
  • Clashot
  • Photographed for You
  • iStockPhoto
  • PicFlair
  • Snapcape

Start a YouTube Channel:

YouTube is another good source to get paid for sponsored advertisements from other brands, such as photographers and videographers. It is essential to upload professional-looking content, use trips, and share hacks for making videos.

You should also include related captions to tell your audience about your videos. Video editing skills are also necessary to run your channel and make high-quality videos. 

Create Your Own Website:

Having your own website is the most lucrative way if you are serious about getting paid by selling your selfies and pictures. A website helps get more customers and your overall earnings. Along with traffic, you can generate revenue by monetizing your websites.

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