How To Make Money Discreetly?

Are you pondering how to earn some extra income discreetly? Choosing a side hustle is good for getting financial freedom. Many people suggest cutting back on expenses to handle your finances, but here I will tell you another way to meet your household expenses easily.

Creative Ways to Make Money

Trade in Old Products:

Flip your old unwanted gadgets to raise cash without any effort. Many third-party marketplaces, such as eBay, Decluttr, Trademore, ItsWorthMore, and Gazelle, will easily purchase your old gadgets. Consider the following items because they have a great demand in the resale marketplace;

  • Phones
  • Game consoles
  • iPods
  • Tablets
  • Fitness trackers
  • Laptops

Rent Out A Room:

Renting it out your spare room for passive income is a good option. Airbnb is a well-known platform for finding clients to rent out a single room or your entire house.

How To Make Money Discreetly

Test Websites & Apps: is a legitimate website to earn by testing different apps and websites. You’ll have to take a short test before you get to work. The average pay that most companies pay for testing purposes is around $10 for 20 minutes. If you are capable, get a job by applying to these companies.

  1. UserTesting 
  2. TestmyUI
  3. Userlytics  
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  • It would be best if you were above the age of 18.
  • Require a microphone, computer, and stable internet connection.

Take surveys for Money:

Get paid by completing online surveys. However, some survey sites pay a small amount to answer questions. In contrast, other sites give earning gift cards instead of cash. Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are popular survey sites.


It is a popular side hustle that permanently secures your identity. To open a store, you need to find a product with fewer online competitors and get inexpensive.

The next step is to build your own storefront using Shopify and do product listing to promote products and increase sales.

The difference between product cost and sales price is your profit. It is a competitive side hustle but becomes profitable if you choose the right product and promote it well.

How To Make Money Discreetly

Graphic Design:

In today’s digital world, an online presence is essential for all businesses to engage more customers. And for this, they need quality design to stand out.

Market your services if you have graphic design skills. Use Fiver, Upwork, Freelancer, and other platforms to find freelance clients. To be successful in this field, you need to focus on the following things;

  • Be responsive
  • Always welcome feedback
  • Deliver orders on time
  • Provide high-quality services


Blogging is one of the most profitable side hustle to share your research, ideas, message, and views related to your niche to the other world. However, to be successful in this field, you need to identify a less competitive and profitable niche.

After connecting your domain with hosting, start your career in blogging. Compared to other income streams, it takes time but has great potential.

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Food Delivery:

Become a food courier in your spare time if you have a bike, scooter, or car. The average per-hour wage of a food delivery boy is around $25. Postmates and Uber Eats are the trusted companies to work for them.  


This job suits those who love teaching. It is highly demanded in the online field. Choose Cambly and if you want to teach any specific subject. If you’re going to teach international students, consider VIPKid and Qkids.

Both platforms demand minimum qualifications to teach conversational English to Chinese students and take a video interview after applying for the job. The estimated per-hour wage is around $14 to $24.

Sell your Skills:

Earn cash by selling your graphic designing, proofreading, writing, editing, digital marketing, and other skills on Thumbtack and Rabbit.

You can sell editing services, typesetting, research services, and additional expertise on these platforms because they are open to more than some specific skills.

Other Ideas to Make Money Fast Online and Discreetly

Job IdeasExpected Pay
Bake Dog Treats$500 to $1,000 a month
Up to $40,000$500 to $1,000 per month
Flipping $500 to $1,000 per month
Become a Travel AgentUpto $40,000
Become a Moderator$15.43 per hour
Musicians$50 to $2,000
Virtual Assistant$35 to $50 per hour.
Become a Grocery Shopper$10 to $25 per hour
Bookkeeping$17 to $60 per hour
Paid Focus GroupsUp to $500
Amazon FBA$1000 a month
Pet Sitting$1,000 per month
Online Stylist$22 per hour
Podcasting$1000 to $5,000 a month
Pinterest VA$150 to $400 per month 
Event Planner$53,000 per year
Audiobook Narrator$35 an hour
Neighbor $300 to $500 per month
Captioning$51,000 per year
Microtasks$50 to $100/month
Freelance Writer$50 to $300 per piece
Cook for Others $17 per hour
Rater$12 to $15 per hour
Become an Influencer$200 to $500 per project
Data Entry Jobs$18 per hour
Transcriptionist$30 per hour
Home StagerUp to $49,000
Become a Chat Agent$10 to $15 per hour

Tips to Start Making Money from Home

  • Do proper research
  • Keep an eye on local opportunities
  • Keep in mind that online scams

How to make money fast?

In today’s world, there are many reliable ways to make money fast without leaving your home. It includes an online stylist, home stager, microtasks, transcriptionist, etc.

How to make money in one day without a job?

Consider the ways mentioned above to earn dollars daily without doing a job. The most popular income streams are flipping, selling printables, testing websites & apps, and many more.

How can I make $500 fast?

Many ways exist, but selling unwanted household goods is the easiest income generation idea.

How can I earn $100 fast?

It is possible to earn $100 by selling gently used items, becoming a music coach, giving people rides using Uber, or taking advantage of any other tips mentioned above.

How can I earn $1,000 today?

Sell a 3D printer, an old computer, or kitchen items to earn $1,000 today. Visit the pawn shops to sell all the stuff. Negotiate with them to get the best suitable prices for your products.

How can I get immediate money?

Selling unwanted goods, unused gift cards, electronics, or other precious items is the only way to accumulate money instantly.

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