28 Easy Jobs For 12 Year Olds That Pay Well

Are you interested in earning extra cash by doing a part-time job at 12? Kids often want to become more independent in some regions at that stage.

To get financial freedom, they may need part-time employment along with school, chores, and social aspects of their lives. It is the ideal time for preteens to learn responsibility, budgeting, managing money, living happily, and hard work’s value.

Secondly, according to child labor laws, it is not allowed for children under twelve to work in traditional afterschool jobs. They must be younger and prepared to work in non-agriculture and formal employment.

However, there are even instances in which some of them are permitted. For example, if their fathers owned a store, they could work in that retail store.

In the following section of the article, we will discuss many suitable high-paying job options with the least effort for 12-year-old preteens.

summer Jobs For 12 Year Olds

28 Best Jobs for 12-Year-Olds

The federal government permits children 12 and below to work in five positions, but your junior may be able to earn additional income in other ways.

An individual of 12 years of age should be able to manage these jobs on their own. It is ideal for them to earn extra money during the hours they are not in school.

1. Newspaper Delivery:

It is a profitable career option for 12-year-old kids. It is outdoor and straightforward work that has a lot of benefits. Use bikeable and walkable routes to deliver papers. The primary duty involves receiving a newspaper or magazine bundle from the distributor.

Then prepare it for customers and deliver it to the correct location within a specified period. The average wage rate is $20 an hour, and many incentives or bonuses get on special occasions.

2. Babysitting:

It is suitable if you love the company of small kids. It is a demanding career because many parents only have little time to care for their children. And sometimes, guardians are away, so they hire babysitters.

The primary duty involves feeding them, putting them to bed, and helping with homework.

This job option helps tweens learn interpersonal, communication, management, and other efficient skills. The average per-hour wage of a babysitter is around $30.

On the other hand, there are a lot of restrictions for babysitters. For example, it is not permissible in some states like Illinois. And some states demand special training or CPR. If you want this job, check the local laws first.

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3. Lawn Mowing:

Your 12-year-old could also perform seasonal yard work during the off-season. And traditional yard work during the spring and summer.

Many tasks include shoveling snow from sidewalks or driveways, raking leaves, covering bushes, spreading mulch, and more. The average per-hour wage rate is $18. Plus, there is also an opportunity to charge more money based on the nature of the work.

4. Painting:

Painting is an excellent means of earning extra income for your tween. Since there are so many objects, they can paint and earn money. A painting business would keep them busy.

Besides painting the house’s interior, your tween can also paint the trim, baseboards, and cabinets. Also, they can paint fences, garage doors, shutters, and siding outside your home.

5. Cleaning:

Cleaning is a good job option for learning many skills in early life. The primary duty includes cleaning kitchens, living rooms, surfaces, stairs, and other areas. Kids can quickly get this job because many clients want someone for light cleaning.

The average per-hour wage is $25. It is safe to work and does not include using any dangerous equipment. An excellent way for the tween to earn extra income is by providing cleaning services to neighbors, friends, and family members.

6. Dog Walking:

Dog-walking business is also a good idea if you handle them easily. The primary duty involves taking dogs out in a park, dog walking area, and beaches while their owners are away.

They are also responsible for feeding them and give the necessary medication. This job increases responsibility and many other skills.

Jobs For 12 Year Olds online

7. Petsitting:

A Pet sitter is a good option for animal lovers. The average per-hour wage is $26. Plus, get extra income based on work duration and the number of pets. You can find many animals at work, like cats, fish, parrots, dogs, and more.

Furthermore, they are expected to clean up after the mess the animals make in the yard. Follow some guidelines if you are interested in working as a pet sitter. This job develops many skills in your personality.

8. Sports Coaching:

If you are a sports lover and have some skills in any sport like football, tennis, rugby, cricket, etc. Sports coaching is a good job to learn leadership skills and earn passive income.

The primary job is to teach how to play the sport and perform well. Many schools and communities easily hire expert coaches. Offer your services in the evening or on the weekends. The average per-hour wage is $35.    

9. Assists the Elderly:

The tween child can also assist an elderly neighbor or family member in their home, similarly to a mother’s helper. Additionally, they can provide companionship or help clean, organize, and care for their pets if necessary.

10. Holiday Decorator:

It would be best to encourage your 12-year-old to earn income this holiday by helping neighbors decorate their decorations. Earn extra holiday cash by having your tween hang Christmas lights or decorate the tree.

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11. Sell Baked Goods:

If your 12-year-old is interested in raising funds, you can encourage them to set up a bake sale. Putting up a sweet treat baking stand is an excellent way to help your tween create extra income.

It allows them to sell baked goods to family and friends and generate some extra income.

jobs for 12 year olds

12. Bikes Mechanic:

As a pre-teen, you will likely be a good mechanic if you thoroughly know how bicycles work. You will be able to demonstrate a firm business in your neighborhood.

If you obtain the appropriate tools and demonstrate your ability to resolve any bike problems that may arise. Being a 12-year-old teenage bike mechanic will require you to maintain the proper functioning of other people’s bikes.

13. Car Washer:

Washing neighbors’ or other community members’ cars is an excellent option to make some extra cash. The tweens clean the vehicle’s exterior and interior parts in the customer’s driveway. Clients satisfied with your services will continue recommending you to their friends and family.

It is highly recommended that you wash the outside of the vehicle with soap and water and vacuum the interior. The client provides all the cleaning supplies. Secondly, the average per-car wash rate is $20 to $40. You can also charge more based on the car’s size, dirty condition, and owner’s demands.

14. Garage Cleaner:

Most people prefer to avoid cleaning their garages and consider teenagers to assist them in their work. Preteens are excellent candidates for the position of garage cleaner since it offers them the opportunity to earn.

It also ensures that people are aware of your availability to assist them. You can help them with various tasks, such as cleaning or reorganizing their garage.

15. Household Assistant:

A tween may work as a household assistant under the direction of relatives, neighbors, or even a family member. Some people assist with housekeeping, especially if they are too busy to do it themselves.

Many people no longer possess the ability to accomplish everything on their own. This is why they need teenage household assistants to assist them with some tasks, as they cannot perform everything independently.

16. Designer of Gift Baskets:

It is possible for anyone interested in creative gift ideas and a knowledge of what types of gifts people will enjoy receiving to create teenage gift baskets.

Making gift baskets for all occasions is available to teenagers. They will purchase these items to give them as gifts to others. They are the appropriate gift for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions.

17. Garage Sales Assistant:

It may be possible for teenagers to earn money as garage sale assistants if they are willing to work hard. A garage sale involves preparing beforehand, making clearance signs, and packing all the items.

Garage sales require a considerable amount of effort. Consequently, you will be in high demand as a teenage assistant at garage sales.

18. Author:

In addition to being a challenging career path, being a tween author can be very rewarding. Writing a book now may enable you to earn a decent living for the rest of your life.

As an author, you need to learn the skills of writing, editing, publishing, and promoting your book to sell to those wanting to purchase it.

19. Blogger:

Starting a blog can increase your chances of earning a significant income online if you are successful. It is also fun to write about something one is passionate about and that one knows a great deal about, especially if you enjoy doing so.

Preteens should write interesting posts on their blogs frequently to earn money as bloggers. Your blog’s content will attract many readers who will return to it repeatedly.

You can earn income from advertising and business sponsorships once you have developed a decent following of people interested in your work.

 Jobs For 12 Year Olds That Pay Well

20. Creative Writer:

It is an excellent way for teenagers to pass the time when they are bored by their school work by making money as creative writers.

The young creative writer can write creative pieces, including short stories or poems, for other individuals, or they may decide to publish the details themselves.

It is essential that you are an excellent writer, regardless of where you work, and that you be able to edit your work so that it is always of the highest quality.

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21. Fashion Blogger:

Preteen fashion bloggers begin their careers by writing about fashion on blogs. As a twelve-year-old, there are so many ideas you could write.

For example, you could write about what celebrities wear and their favorite indie fashion lines. Regardless of what you write about on your blog, preteen fashion bloggers can make a lot of money from advertisements and sponsors.

22. Logo Designer: 

A tween is responsible for designing a logo that a company may use to represent it in the public eye. Teenage logo designers need to be creative and artistic.

Secondly, they can follow directions since the logo is a significant part of the brand identity of many businesses. The success of their business depends on the quality of their logo and vice versa.

23. Photographer:

You can become a tween photographer with a decent camera and know how to take good photographs.

An excellent way for a 12-year-old to become a tween photographer is to take pictures of subjects in high demand.

Businesses and other people can obtain these images by uploading them to Shutterstock and other online mediums.

Jobs For 12 Year Olds near me

24. Surveys Taker:

Taking surveys allows tweens to earn a little extra income. This job is perfect for anyone who wishes to earn additional income with only an internet connection and some time. Companies sometimes seek public information through websites to obtain this data.

Using these survey websites may allow you to earn a significant income in your spare time. It may be possible for you to make a substantial income by filling out surveys in your free time.

25. Gardening:

If you love gardening, this job is an excellent option to earn passive income. The primary duty involves maintaining the garden, whether with flowers or vegetables. It is outdoor employment.

Moreover, you can make it your business and earn money by selling the items at local markets, farmer’s markets, and near your house. The average per-hour wage is $30.

26. Voiceover Specialist:

When choosing a voiceover specialty, teenagers have a wide variety of options. Additionally, if you have experience with audiobooks or commercials, you may be qualified to speak as a cartoon character on a television show.

Making a living is one of the best things about being a tween voiceover specialist. The more proficient he is at speaking and following directions, the greater his chances of finding work online. This job would be perfect for someone scared of stage fright but passionate about acting.

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27. Hot Chocolate Salesperson:

As a salesman, you must resist the temptation to drink all the hot chocolate you sell to your customers. To sell hot chocolate effectively, you must find a place or community events where many people live in a cold place.

28. Car Snow Remover:

Teenagers can make massive money if they are eager to work hard and willing to get up early in the cold weather. The best way to get a job is by obtaining a list of neighborhood residents who subscribe to your service. You can start earning as soon as the snow begins to fall.

How To Make Money As A 12-Year-Old?

Tips to Find Jobs for 12-Year-Olds that Pay Well

In today’s working world, getting a job before kids turn teenagers is a fantastic opportunity. There are many ways in the market to find a job, but we compile some best methods as follows;

Online Search:

It is the most convenient way to find your desired job. Use different online mediums to explore potential opportunities in your area.

Post Online:

Use community forums and social media groups to explore related work. You only need to post that someone has had a job for a 12-year-old. This tool is beneficial to increase the reach, and many people will contact for services.

Ask your Network:

Ask your teachers, friends, and family members if they have a job or know anyone who needs such services. You can also ask them if they have spare positions around their house or business.

Start your Own Business:

Starting a small business is also a good option and helps to earn more income. Start the business at the community or city level. For example, sell fresh foods at different public places using different mediums if you love gardening.

Benefits of Working as a 12-Year-Old

Finding work at an early age is sometimes challenging but gives many experiences. For example, they learn responsibility, communication, management, and other skills that help them as they grow. There are many benefits of starting a job at the age of 12, some of them are as follows;

  • Quickly fulfill education and other expenses.
  • Make money for spending or saving.
  • Learn communication, customer service, management, interpersonal, and other skills.
  • Feel empowered by helping their family or household expense.
  • Learn to face challenges.
  • Learn how to overcome challenges.
  • Get unique exposure by communicating with different backgrounds of people.
  • Get extra confidence.
  • Helpful to make their resume stronger by adding different job experiences.
  • Enhance professional relationships with different individuals. 


A tween doesn’t need to work a regular job to earn money. The possibilities for earning money are broad, but they can take on a permanent position to make money.

The above section summarizes the best summer, winter, online, female, and fun job options for 12-year-olds to make extra money. Before joining any job, we recommend you check the local and labor laws. All states have different rules and regulations for minors. 


Q. Can I be 12 and have a job?

Fourteen years old is the minimum age for the job, but each state has rules and regulations that you need to check before starting a career. 

Q. How do I make money as a tween?

As a tween, you can easily earn a lot of money if you have some skills or determination toward jobs. 

Q. Can I get a small job at 12?

Yes, you can earn money by doing a small or part-time job at 12.

Q. Can a 12-year-old get an actual job?

Fourteen years is the minimum age to get a job, but you can participate in other employment that is not legally restricted.

Q. What can a 12-year-old make and sell?

  • Soap
  • Candles
  • Baked Goods
  • Slime
  • Paintings
  • Pet Toys
  • Lemonade

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