How Many Work Hours In A Year? [The Complete Guide]

Do you want to learn how many work hours are in a year, whether full-time or part-time employee? Don’t worry; you are at the right place. In the following section of the article, we will provide complete information about how many workdays and actual work hours are in 2023 and 2024.

We will also discuss calculating work hours to pay anything and the difference between salaried and hourly employees.

Importance of Knowing the Number of Hours Worked in a Year

Let’s dig a little deeper:

In today’s modern life, it is essential to understand how many work hours per year to balance your workload and plan according to your work life. Everyone plans to live a happy life but cannot achieve it.

Many factors are involved in living a comfortable life, and you need to calculate your work hours first to make a better plan. Knowing how many hours in a year, some of the best reasons are as follows.

Calculate your Hourly Salary:

If you are salaried, it is important to understand how many hours you work each week. Divide the salary amount by your total work hours to calculate it perfectly. Excluding the paid leaves and holidays to get the exact figures. By knowing your long-term budgets, make a plan for your spending. 

Plan for other Activities:

You can plan better for exercising, volunteering, personal development, and other extracurricular activities if you know how many hours you work per year. This plan helps you devote time to hobbies that don’t affect your work life. 

Calculate the Annual Income:

Calculate the annual income to plan your spending and for better budgeting. It is easy to calculate all the figures if you have a good idea about how many hours are in a year.

Assess your work-life balance:

You need some time for a vacation to create balance in your work life. Always make a balance between your work and personal activities. Reduce your workload without disturbing productivity because a healthy work-life is vital. In the stated section, we mention some ways to balance your work-life.

  • Take regular intervals or breaks.
  • Go outside for vacation.
  • Disconnect all the working activities when you’re outside or at home.
  • Spend some time with your family members and friends regularly.
  • Discuss with your manager if you feel overburdened.
  • Go to the spa for your self-caring.

How to Calculate How Many Work Hours Are in a Year

In America, mostly full-time employees work for 2080 hours per year. The average working hours are 2080 after multiplying the total weeks in a year (52) with the hours per week (40).

52 X 40 = 2080

Whereas, if you work an average of 5 days per week, the total workdays are 260. For example, multiply the total weeks in a year (52) by the average days in a week (05).

52 X 5 = 260

How Many Part-Time Work Hours in a Year?

Compared to a full-time job, part-time work has fewer yearly hours in the United States. The following section will describe the total work hours for part-time employees.

  • 36 hours per week x 52 weeks in a year = 1,872 average hours 
  • 30 hours per week X 52 total weeks in a year = 1560 Average Hours 
  • 25 hours per week X 52 total weeks in a year = 1300 Average Hours 
  • 20 hours per week X 52 total weeks in a year = 1040 Average Hours 

How Many Workdays Are in a Year?

In a common calendar year, the total days are 365. Approximately, there are 260 working days. If you work 5 days a week and have 52 weeks per year. The average workdays are 260. 

52 X 5 = 260

In a leap year, the total days are 366, and the leap year comes after every four years. And in a leap year, the total working days are 262. 

How Many Work Weeks In a Year?

The total number of weeks a year is 52, but many employees in the United States work 47 to 48 weeks, excluding all public holidays.

Vacation days:

The United States has approximately 192 hours in a standard calendar year, including sick days, vacation, and federal holidays. Use these hours to go outside with your family or friends and enjoy some time.

Secondly, full-time workers are granted 40 to 80 hours of paid holidays annually. Many employers assist workers in rolling over their unused vacation from one year to the other. Use this opportunity, accumulate all the vacation days, and go outside for time off.

In America, full-time employees enjoy 7 days of paid sick leave annually. Employers also grant their full-time workers 7 days of annual religious or federal paid holidays. The drawback is that part-time workers don’t receive paid holidays or vacation time. 

Workdays and Hours for 2024

In 2024 the total workdays are 260, which includes 2080 work hours. 

MonthTotal Work HoursTotal Workdays

Workdays and Hours for 2025

 In 2024 the total workdays are 262, which includes 2096 work hours.

MonthTotal Work HoursTotal Workdays

How many hours do you need to work?

Knowing how many hours you need to work to fulfill your necessary items and other household needs. 

How Many Work Hours in a Work Year Part-Time?

It depends on the employers because part-time workers cannot get health insurance, paid leave, or other perks. Know the differences between full-time and part-time workers’ status at your workplace. Part-time workers are not eligible for benefits but can work casually and flexibly. To calculate your income, multiply your yearly worked hours by the per-hour wage. 

Part-Time HoursTotal Hours Worked a Year
10 Hours a Week520 Hours a Year
15 Hours a Week780 Hours a Year
20 Hours a Week1040 Hours a Year
25 Hours a Week1300 Hours a Year
30 Hours a Week1560 Hours a Year
35 Hours a Week1820 Hours a Year

Hours In A Year

How do you calculate your real hourly wage?

Adding up all the mentioned hours to calculate or find the real hourly wage.

  • Stick leave
  • Being on vacation to decompress
  • Prepare for work
  • Ready to go to your place of employment.

After that, calculate the money and time you spend on work-related tasks. Some of the expenses are as follows.

Meals – Commuting to Work, During Work, Eating Out

Hired help – Household Repairs, Yard Maintenance, House Cleaning) 

Clothes – On days off, it is a job-related expense if you don’t wear the same clothes. 

Education – Courses, Books, Conferences. 

Travel Expenses – Maintenance, Parking Fees, Public Transportation, Fuel

Entertainment – Drinks Out, Retail Therapy 

Also include the employer’s paid benefits.

  • Matching Retirement Pay
  • Health Benefits
  • Paid Vacation
  • Daycare

In the end, subtract all the expenses and add hours to your starting hours.

Jobs Before Adjustments2040800
Add Hours & Subtract Dollars   
Entertainment 2.50100
Clothing 0 .5025
Ready for Work 10 
Commuting 8125
Meals 4150
Total Money & Time Spent on Job (+)25(-)400
Include Benefits   
Retirement Pay  100
Health care  150
Total Benefits  (+)250
Actual Total Figure with Adjustments1065650

Are you working too many hours?

Many employees feel burdened due to work overload, and they don’t have time to live a comfortable life. In the stated section, we provide some ways that you can use to increase free time in your daily life. 

Talk to Your Boss:

The best method to get some leisure time is to talk with your employers. And ask them to reduce the workload if you are working for extra time. 

Look for a New Job:

You can hunt for a new job if you feel the stress at your current employment. A change of job assists employees in feeling more comfortable and working less time. Find the perfect job according to your requirements, which provides more relaxation. 

How Many Work Hours In A Year

Become your Boss:

It is a significant way to start your side hustle and part-time work. Compared to a regular job, it is a good option. After some time, you can become full-time professional work. 

Average Working Hours in a Year of Employees in Various Countries 

United States:

In the U.S., the average working hours for full-time employees are 1768 each year. It is higher than in many countries, and weekly hours are 38.6. 

United Kingdom:

In U.k the average working hours for full-time employees are 1538 each year, and the average per week hour is 36.6. 


 In Germany, the average per hour of work for full-time employees is 1363.


In India, generally, employees work 2162 hours each year and 45 hours weekly.


The average working hours in Japan per year are 1729, and per week hours are 36.02. 


The per year work hours in Canada are 1695.

How many work hours in one year is full-time?

An employee who works approximately 40 hours a week is called a full-time employee. Employers offer many benefits to their full-time workers. This figure does not remain the same in all establishments.

For example, some companies call full-time employees if they work around 35 to 37 hours a week. In contrast, some companies consider full-time workers if they work more than 40 hours or overtime. 

What’s the difference between an hourly employee & a salaried employee?

The main difference between an hourly and salaried employee is the overall income. Hourly employees receive the wage based on the hours worked each week. For example, if they work an average of 25 hours per week for $15 per hour, they can make $375 a week.

On the other hand, salaried employees receive a fixed amount at the end of a specific period. For example, establishments offer $50,000 to an employee who works 40 hours weekly. They receive their salary according to their agreement with the employer.


Knowing how many working hours you work in a year assists in determining a good budget. It is a great process for full-time workers. At the same time, hourly employees face many inconveniences.  


Q. How many work hours in a month?

The average monthly working hours are 173 if you work 5 days a week and have 8 hours a day. The number of work hours differs because each month has different days. In a month, the work hours usually are 160 to 184. 

Q. How many hours does the average person work?

In the United States, full-time employees work an average of 40 hours.

Q. How many hours do people work in a day?

Usually, people work 8.5 to 9 hours at their workplace. 

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