Best Scrap Yard Near Me & Metal Prices In 2024

Finding the nearest scrap yard to dispose of all your old waste material at a reasonable price? Get a scrapyard locator that you can use at any location to find the nearest local scrap metal center. We also discuss the scrap metal types, prices, and the high value of scrap metals.

Let’s get started;

Scrapyards are a better way to get rid of and earn cash from all unwanted or broken items. It is a vast industry across the globe, especially in the United States. According to some official resources, the United States scrap metal recycling industry is worth approximately US$ 27 billion.

According to the New Market Data, the worldwide scrap metal recycling sector’s worth this year is more than US$ 280 billion. You also have a chance to generate some passive income by selling all your junk metal.

Many people think about whether they are getting the best prices for their sold items. We will share some knowledge to help you access the price of the best junk-value items.

Highest Paying Scrap Metal Yard

There are a lot of junkyards in rural, urban, and suburban areas. In a larger city, you will find more than 20 scrap centers. Click the below-provided button to explore the junkyard nearer your location. Then Google Maps will access your location and show the best possible options on the map.

metal scrap yard near me

What is Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal is a material that has no more usable life. Some people think discarded building materials and other things are scraps, but they are wrong. You can only classify some of the metals as scrap.

There are many things in the scrap, like old aluminum cans, car parts, batteries, industrial waste, etc. Many businesses and factories use their remnant material to make different products after recycling, like bolts, screws, or machinery parts.

It has three main types: non-ferrous, ferrous, and eScrap. Compared to the others, non-ferrous items have more worth. You can also make money by selling eScrap and ferrous metal. 

Scrap Metal Prices 2024

The prices constantly change with time, but we compiled the most popular items list. You can also use the iScrap App to stay up to date with the latest rates in the market.   

Name of Metal MaterialPrices ($)
Aluminum Cans0.71/lb
Aluminum Scrap0.58/lb
Aluminum Siding0.42/lb
Bare Bright Copper2.85/lb
Brass2.05 lb
Brass Pipe1.90/lb
Brass Shells1.78/lb
Car/Truck Batteries0.13/lb
Copper Tubing2.40/lb
Cast Iron200.00/ton
Christmas Lights0.22/lb
Clean Roofing Copper3.35/lb
Complete Car213.00/ton
Computer Wire0.30/lb
Aluminum Electric Motors0.18/lb
Copper Electric Motors0.15/lb
E-Scrap Light Iron120.00/ton
Insulated Copper Wire0.80/lb
Light Iron160.00/ton
Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel0.30/lb
PC Tower0.20/lb
Plumbing Brass1.75/lb
Aluminum Sheet$.37/lb
Stainless Steel Breakage0.70/lb

Working Process of a Scrap Yard

Junk yards are the best place to dispose of all your broken, old, unwanted material and recyclable junk. The yard authorities collect all the scrap material from businesses and individuals.

Pay them according to the material’s market value. For example, they pay more for aluminum and copper wires because they are not readily available. 

How to Sell Scrap Metal for Money?

  • Firstly, you must sort, identify and prepare all your metal products.
  • Then contact different nearest junkyard authorities. Negotiate them on price or compare the rates.
  • Afterwards, reach your selected junkyard and unload all the material from the truck. You can also unload with the help of a forklift or flatbed trailer. 
  • Now, put your material on the scale to check the overall weight.
  • Next, workers will separate all the ferrous and non-ferrous metals with the help of a magnetic crane.
  • In the end, verify your identity and sign some necessary papers. Then, get all your bills through a check or ATM.

Factors Influence Scrap Metal Prices

Demand, type, and weight are the three major components that heavily affect the metal’s price.


Firstly, type plays a significant role in scrap because many products are considered short and are not readily available in the market. 


Secondly, the scrap’s weight is also considered an essential factor. It will decide how much money you will get from the junk yards against your metal. 


Thirdly, the demand for the metal also affects the price. For example, if something is unavailable in the market and its demand increases, you will automatically pay more to get that item.

What are the Different Types of Scrap Metal?

In the industry, three main types of metals are as follows that you can easily sell at any scrapyard;

  • Ferrous Metal – Metal that contains iron
  • Non-Ferrous Metal – Metal that cannot contain any iron
  • eScrap – Included all recyclable electronic products.
  • Motherboards
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Electronic Components
Heating Systems
Refrigerant Lines
Hot & Cold Water Pipes
Casing Valves
Horns Bells
FerrousWrought IronPipes
FerrousSteelBuilding Framework Tools
Cars Appliances
FerrousCast IronPots Pans Ship’s Anchor
eScrapCell PhonesEntire Device 
eScrapCPU chipsComputer

Best Things to Scrap for Money

The price and the value of scrap metals fluctuate over time. All substances have different rates in diverse locations. For example, if you sold the item last time for $100, you may get $60 or $140 for the same product today. The price of the product depends on the latest market rates.

Secondly, if you plan to make money from scrap, the best options are Aluminum, brass, and Copper. These substances will give you more cash as compared to others. Before throwing any substance into the waste, you need to check out how much money you will generate from this old or waste material.

What is the Difference Between Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals?

Make money from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. But the non-ferrous items are more worthy in the market in terms of profit as compared to the ferrous substances. Workers can quickly identify ferrous items with the help of a magnet and consider them as low value.

Pig Iron, Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, and steel are ferrous substances. At the same time, the non-ferrous substances are copper, brass, Aluminum, magnesium, tin, lead, and nickel. They are called non-magnetic substances. 

scrap car yard near me

What are the Top 3 most Valuable Non-Ferrous Metals?

1.   Aluminum

You can quickly sell Aluminum and get a reasonable price. Especially aluminum soda can have more worth in the recycling industry because it is easy to crush a large quantity. You can easily understand its importance by recycling six aluminum cans and buying a soda glass. 

The following products are made with Aluminum:

  • Aluminum foil/trays
  • Bicycles
  • Cans
  • Car parts
  • Household appliances
  • Metal siding

2.    Brass:

Brass is the second most valuable metal and the best-selling product worldwide. Brass contains zinc or copper; you can use it as a bronze alternative. Don’t waste this metal and make some money by selling it in the market.

Find brass in the following products;

  • Ammunition casings
  • Bedframes
  • Doorknobs
  • Hinges
  • Handles
  • Railings
  • Lamps
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Radiators

3.   Copper:

The third and last most valuable metal is copper pipes and fittings. The price of copper has increased in the last few years due to increased demand. Recently many companies have used copper pipes for recycling purposes.

It is widespread and demanding due to a lot of its qualities. For example, cutting, collecting, transporting, and reselling is easy.

Find copper in the following items;

  • Monitors
  • Refrigerators
  • Television
  • Computer Towers
  • Toaster
  • Stoves
  • Water heater
  • Christmas lights
  • Plumbing Pipes and fittings

How to Get More Cash for Scrap Metal?

Follow the key points to earn more dollars.

Firstly, you need to sort and separate all the metals by type. Then, place all the sorted items in a different container. So that buyers can readily identify the metal type and pay according to its worth. Otherwise, the buyer will pay you based on the least valuable metal if all metals are mixed.

Secondly, before going to the buyer, check the latest metal rates. If the prices are down, wait some days for the prices to go up to earn more dollars.

Thirdly, bargain with buyers and insist they increase the price. Because if you accept their first offer, you may lose hundreds of dollars.

Fourthly, never go to your nearest scrap metal center. Visit the market and select the buyer that offers more price. Many larger centers offer more money for your scrap than small dealers. This process will take some time but, in return, generate more dollars.

How Do Scrap Metal Centers Work?

What can I sell at a Junk Yard?

The following are the specific metals that most centers accept; 

  • Aluminum  
  • Brass  
  • Copper  
  • Iron  
  • Lead  
  • Nickel  
  • Stainless steel  
  • Steel  
  • Zinc  

Everyday household items that can be scrapped

  • Aluminum Pots & Pans  
  • Backup Batteries & Surge Protectors  
  • Brass Faucets  
  • Ceiling Fan Motors  
  • Copper Pipe or Tubing  
  • Copper Yokes from TV  
  • Mini-Transformers  
  • Power Outlets  
  • Stainless Steel Sink  

Popular items to bring

  • Airplanes  
  • Appliances  
  • Bicycles  
  • Boats  
  • Cars  
  • Copper Pipe or tubing  
  • Motorcycles  
  • Stainless steel sinks

Where to Sell Scrap Metal

Weight and metal type are essential to selling your scrap reasonably. Many government and private industries purchase this material, then melt it and reproduce different items.


In the end, scrapyards are the best option to quickly dispose of all your material and get money according to their current market rate. Some metal yards will pick up material from your location. You need to call and bargain with them on price to earn more money. And sell the metals which will pay you more money. 


Q. Are magnets worth money?

Magnets are essential in this industry because it helps to identify whether this substance is metal.

Q. How much is a dryer worth in scrap?

Earn good income from dryers and other home appliances, but it is based on their weight and the latest market rates. The prices of the scraps fluctuate and do not remain constant all the time. Scrapyards in larger cities offer more money for your metal than scrapyards working in small or rural areas. 

Q. What appliances have the most copper?

Old appliances are the best way to find more copper because they contain more copper than new ones. It would be best if you found old air conditioning, refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, dryers, etc. 

Q. What’s the difference between a salvage yard and a scrap yard?

Both are two different businesses. For example, salvage yards accept all types of vehicles and automobiles. After parting out vehicles, they sell usable and other body parts for reuse in the automobile companies. Whereas scrap yard only accepts electronics and metal substance for recycling purpose.

Q. What is Escrap?

All electronic waste is called E-Scrap, like computers, DVD players, and mobile phones. Scrap metal yards do not accept E-scrap-related items.  

Q. How do I prepare appliances for scrapping?

Remove compressors from refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers to earn more money by selling home appliances in the yard. Cut the compressor to retrieve copper, then separately sell copper in a reasonable amount. 

Q. Can I scrap my car for cash?

No, the scrap metal center does not accept cars and other automobiles. The best option to sell your cars is an auto salvage yard, and they will pay you more money. 

Q. What is the difference between a scrap metal center and a dump or recycling center?

The scrap center accepts the metal in large quantities. They will separate, weigh, and pay you according to the current stock and trading market value. The recycling centers recycle all the material to reproduce new items.

Q. Do you have to pay taxes when selling scrap metal?

Yes, the money you earn from the scrap metal is your income. Declare this income in the tax returns. You can also check it on IRS, the United States official website, to know whether it is taxable income. 

Q. Are refrigerators worth scrapping for metal?

Yes, refrigerators are worth a lot. In old freezers, the refrigerant is known as Freon. Hire a professional to get the Freon safely from the freezer.

All the scrap yards will accept Freon easily in a market instead of a refrigerator. Secondly, check the Freon disposal rules and regulations the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set.

Q. What is the highest-paying scrap metal to collect?

Copper is the highest-value metal, and if you have copper tubing, copper wiring, and copper scrap, you can easily earn more.

Q. What are the best items to scrap for money?

Aluminium: cast, sheet, siding, car rims
Appliances: Refrigerator, washer, dryer
Copper: wire, tubing, scrap
Electric Motors
Junked Cars
Plumbing brass
Stainless Steel

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