Maximize Earnings: What Are The Latest Scrap Prices?

Have you ever wondered how the latest scrap prices could be your ticket to boosting your income in 2024? Scrap metal prices remain unchanged. They fluctuate and largely depend on the worldwide market. In this article, we will provide the up-to-date and the best available rates to ensure you can generate more profit from your scrap.

How Much is Scrap Metal Worth?

The following factors are involved in determining the metal prices.

Global Demand:

The global demand for raw materials, trade dynamics, industrial production, and economic conditions largely determine metal prices.

Commodity Prices:

Underlying commodity prices are closely linked with scrap prices. For example, if the copper’s price surges the value of scrap copper also increases.

Market Conditions:

The rise and fall in scrap prices are tied to market conditions. It includes an imbalance between supply and demand, regulatory changes, and geopolitical events.

Recycling Efforts:

Recycling rates and the availability of scrap materials largely influence prices.

What are the latest scrap prices

Scrap Metal Prices

Copper & Brass:

MetalAverage Price($)
Copper Tubing / Bus Bar1.90/lb
Bare Bright Wire2.40/lb
Clean Brass Radiators1.30/lb
Copper Tubing / Flashing2.10/lb
Brass Water Meter0.75 to 1.50/lb
Roofing Copper1.80/lb
Copper Yokes0.25/lb
Brass Shells1.22/lb
Copper Coil0.91/lb
Dirty Brass Faucets0.40/lb
Copper Transformers0.08 to 0.17/lb
Electric Motors0.12 to 0.15/lb

Ins. Copper Wire:

MetalAverage Price($)
THHN Cable1.48/lb
Open Eye Hollow Heliax0.82/lb
Insulated Steel BX0.20/lb
Christmas Lights0.12/lb
Insulated Copper Wire0.62/lb
Cat 5/6 Cross0.45/lb
Aluminum BX0.77/lb
Computer Wire0.32/lb

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MetalAverage Price($)
Aluminum Siding 0.34/lb
AL Litho Plates0.47/lb
Broken Aluminum Windows0.32/lb
Dirty Aluminum0.06 to 0.15/lb
Sheet Aluminum0.27/lb
Clean Aluminum Wire0.47/lb
 Aluminum Rims0.40 to $0.50/lb
Cast Aluminum0.28/lb
Aluminum Grills0.28/lb
Aluminum Transformers0.03/lb


MetalAverage Price($)
Lead Backup Batteries0.16 to 0.25/lb
Steel Case Batteries0.16 to 0.23/lb
Lithium Ion Batteries1.50-$2.50/lb
Forklift Batteries0.16 to 0.22/lb
Cell Site Lead Batteries0.16 to 0.24/lb

Catalytic Converters:

Metal Average Price($) (each)  
Medium Foreign Cat105 to 130
Domestic Cat51 to 62
Small Foreign Cat82 to 97
Regular Breadloaf Cat87 to 100
Large Foreign Cat117 to 250
Small GM Cat83 to 97
Foreign Pre-Cat32 to 45
Pre-Domestic Cat24 to 34

Computer Scrap:

MetalAverage Price($)
Whole Computer Towers0.12/lb
Clean Green Motherboards1.15/lb
Memory Chips5.50 to 7.50/lb
Computer Wire0.32/lb
Power Supplies0.12/lb
Non-Green Motherboards0.55/lb
CPU Processor Chips3.00 to 25/lb
Telecom Equipment0.12 to 0.25/lb
Hard drives0.40/lb
Low-Grade Non-PC Boards0.08/lb

Rare Earth Metals:

MetalAverage Price($)
Babbit2.50 to 5.50/lb
Carbide Inserts6.00 to 6.75/lb
High-Speed Steel0.20/lb
Hastelloy Solids1.75-$2.25/lb
FSX 4145.25/lb
Hastelloy Shavings1.50-$2.00/lb
Tin Solder1.50 to 4.00/lb
Alnico Magnets1.50-$2.00/lb


Q. Can I negotiate scrap prices with scrap yards?

Yes, you can negotiate with scrap yards for better prices. You need to sell clean and well-sorted scrap items to generate more profit.

Q. Are there other valuable items I can collect for scrap?

Along with metals, sell other electronic components such as precious metal-bearing devices, circuit boards, CPUs, etc.

Q. Are scrap prices the same across all regions?

No, it varies from region to region.

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