What Are Some Summer Jobs For 10 Year Olds in 2024

Jobs are a great way to teach children about the working world, responsibility, and money. Many parents are wondering what the best jobs are for their preteens. Compared to the older kids, earning money during the summer has been challenging for 10 years.

US law prohibits kids under the age of 14 from getting actual employment. However, some legal and safe employment options exist for 10-year children to earn pocket money. Here I will discuss many summer job ideas for you to consider.

Let’s start with the following:

It is recommended to start with small jobs if your kids have never had a job before. And find employment that fits their maturity level and personality, whether the job is traditional or non-traditional. 

Easy Summer Jobs for 10 Year Olds


Due to their busy routines, many parents have less time to look after their kids or are always looking for babysitters. Your preteens can earn a lot by doing this job if they show caring, maturity, and responsibility towards younger kids. Find a job in Facebook groups, and ask your friends and neighbors.

Pet Sitter:

It is a good job option for pet lovers. Many duties include in pet sitter job. It includes taking care of clients’ pets, feeding them, grooming them, cleaning up, and taking them for walks. They can care for their family’s pets at the start of their career. After becoming comfortable, they offer the services to friends and neighbors.

What Are Some Summer Jobs For 10 Year Olds

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Window Cleaning:

Cleaning windows is a profitable summer job for teens and preteens. You can clean the inside and outside of windows and charge $2 per window.

Selling Water at Local Events:

It is the most profitable work for ten-year juniors. They can sell bottles of cold water at locally organized events for $1. The famous events are park performances, youth athletic games, etc.


In summer jobs, kids have to apply mulch, clean debris, and remove weeds. Start a career from home, and offer the services to friends and neighbors after being comfortable. The job has excellent worth and pays $7 per hour.

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