Budget-Friendly Nail Salon Prices List

Do you want to learn how to save money on your next manicure? In the world of self-care and pampering, a trip to the nail salon offers a refreshing experience.

Nail salons are the best place to get your nails done if you are not getting the desired results at home. It is considered a haven of transformation, relaxation, and creativity.

You can use our nail salon prices list regardless of whether you’re a regular nail enthusiast or a first-time visitor. We also discuss nail enhancements and other tips for getting good results. So, read the entire content to get valuable information. 

What is the Price of Nails?

The cost of manicure salon services depends on many factors. It includes the salon’s reputation, materials used, service type, location, service duration, and more.

CityAcrylics ($)Manicures ($)Gel ($)
USA (Average)352550
New York403550
Los Angeles353045

How Much Do Manicures Cost?

The average cost of a manicure is between $20 to $25.

Price of painted nails at budget or small private shops

NameManicures Price
Deluxe$20 to $25
Standard$10 to $15

Price of painted nails at the average nail salon

NameManicures Price
Deluxe$30 to $45
Standard$20 to $25

Price of painted nails at luxury hotels or spas

NameManicures Price
Deluxe$50 to $75
Standard$25 to $45

A standard manicure includes:

  • Nail Soaks
  • Buffing
  • Shaping
  • Filing
  • Cuticle care
  • Application of the nail polish

A deluxe manicure includes:

  • An exfoliating hand scrub to remove dead skin.
  • Longer nail soaking.
  • Hand and arm massage.
  • Evaluating and resolving nail issues.
  • Nail and cuticle care.
  • Application of the nail polish.
  • Paraffin wax mask for your hands.

How Much Do Acrylic Sets Cost?

In many luxury hotels, the price of acrylic nails cost is between $25 to $70.

Price of acrylic nails at budget or small private shops

NameAcrylic Nails Price
Pink & white combo$30 to $40
Standard$25 to $35

Price of acrylic nails at the average nail salon

NameAcrylic Nails Price
Pink & white combo$45 to $50
Standard$35 to $45

Price of acrylic nails at luxury hotels and spas

NameAcrylic Nails Price
Pink & white combo$75 to $85
Standard$50 to $70

How Much Do Gel Nails Cost?

The average price is between $35 to $80+.

Price of gel nails at budget or small private shops

NameGel Nails Price
Standard gel + Art/Jewels$45 to $60
Standard Gel$35 to $40

Price of gel nails at the average nail salon

NameGel Nails Price
Standard gel + Art/Jewels$60 to $75
Standard Gel$45 to $55

Price of gel nails at luxury hotels or spas

NameGel Nails Price
Standard gel + Art/Jewels$85 to $100+
Standard Gel$60 to $80

How Do I Locate Nail Salons in My Area?

There are many nail shops in the United States, but finding a good salon nearer your location is difficult and time-consuming. Consider following a few tips to find the shop according to your needs.


The first step is to read the visitor’s reviews on Google Maps to get the best idea about your selection and decide whether it is good. After reading customer reviews, you will determine the price, quality, behavior, and different services.

This process will take some time, but it will help you to find the best nail shop. Secondly, after getting all the information, you always feel satisfied because you have already expected the overall experience or services. Always choose the shop that is best in price and quality. 

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Call the Nail Salons:

There is the possibility that all the required information is not mentioned on the salon’s official website. You can call them before visiting the salon and verify all the information you get online. For example, ask them about their services and opening or closing hours on regular days and weekends.

Secondly, confirm your reservations to save time during peak times or on peak days. And get the information that they are provided any special discounted coupons or promotions.

Ask What Materials & Equipment they Use:

It is good to verify what material and equipment nailists use because many stores use the same equipment for each customer, which is not medically sound. Always confirm important things before visiting your desired salon. 

Firstly, confirm whether the nail polish or other products they use harm our body or skin. According to some research, it is proven that in nail polish, some ingredients, such as phthalates, toluene, and formaldehyde, are not suitable for the body and are considered harmful.

Many salons use harmful material without knowing its nasty effects. However, to avoid all the damage, it is good to get complete information and research all the materials and services. Choosing a saloon that uses healthier and traditional alternatives would be best. 

Secondly, get information on whether your desired shop is hygienic and properly disinfects all the equipment or material used in work. By doing this, you can prevent yourself from various health problems or infections.  

nail salon prices list


Price determines whether this salon is a good option according to your budget. The price of nail services differs everywhere. For example, some shops charge more money, and others charge less. Always confirm the pricing policy that never compromises quality or disturbs your monthly budget. 

Secondly, the average manicure price is $10 to $25. However, they charge more if you choose the premium package. Across the country, the average cost of a basic pedicure service is $15 to $45. And you have to pay more than $25 if you choose the deluxe package.

Thirdly, many smaller nail salons charge approximately $35 for acrylic nail services. And the price is higher if you choose a larger nail salon or resort. They charge more for services such as unique designs, French tips, and acrylic repairs.

Do Friends Recommend a Nearby Salon:

Reviews help make a quick decision to choose a high-quality salon. For example, if you like the nail work from your friend or family member.

It would be best to ask which stores they get the services from. After getting a positive review, you could visit in your spare time. However, leave it if you don’t get the desired result from that salon. 

Know the Working Hours:

It is essential to know how long it will take to visit your desired shop so that you can schedule and visit whenever you have spare time. It will save you from stress or many other problems. At a salon, feel relaxed by staying positive.  

Good Customer Services:

Choose a salon that offers good customer service. Determine that the technicians answer all your questions politely and give you safety tips in time of need. 

nail salon prices list

What Services Do Local Nail Salons Offer?

Many salons are working across the country, and their services are different from each other. For example, some shops offer primary services such as manicures and pedicures.

In contrast, other saloons offer more services. It includes paraffin treatments, nail spas, gel nails, nail designs, etc. Following are some standard services that are available everywhere.

  • Manicure treatments
  • Pedicure treatments
  • Waxing
  • Acrylic overlays 
  • Nail art
  • Gel overlays nails
  • Acrylic and UV gel sculpted extensions

Additional Nail Salon Services

  • Mani-Pedi Packages
  • Polish Changes
  • Nail Extensions
  • Repairs and Refills
  • Moisturizing Treatments
  • Natural Nail Services
  • Massages
  • Spa Services


How long do nails last?

After good care, the average life of acrylic nails is 2 to 3 weeks.

How long do gel nails last?

The minimum age of gel polish nails is 2 to 3 weeks.

What are the types of gel nails?

Soft gel and hard gel are the two types of gel nails.

What are the advantages of gel nails over acrylic nails?

Gel nails are more durable, less brittle, and more flexible than acrylic.

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